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A player's dexterity stat determines how nimble that character is.

Direct effects

  • Dexterity directly affects a player's ability to hit things with weapons.
  • Dexterity directly affects the trip command.

Skill relationships

  • Dexterity features prominently in the covert skill tree, heavily affecting all skills there.
  • It plays a significant role in the crafts, magic, fighting and adventuring skill trees.
  • It is not used very much in the people or faith skill trees.

Guild reliance

  • Thieves and assassins require very high levels of dexterity to perform their covert commands well.
  • Witches and wizards often have fairly high levels of dexterity due to its relevance in the important magic.methods.physical skill subtree.
  • Warriors also often have high levels of dexterity as many weapon and defensive skills require it.
  • Priests are the only guild without a strong reliance on dexterity.