Delusions of Greateur

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Delusions of Greateur
Trick information
GP cost 80
Mind space 50
Components None

Delusions of Greateur is a trick created by Pincushiony.

It can be used to condition a witch's brain to be able to cast Delusions of Grandeur by tming methods used in it.


Witches can order large hag stones with this trick at Hilta Goatfounder's stall in Ohulan Cutash, might find them inside the newbie chest in Granny Weatherwax's cottage, or in a pinch can ask Pincushiony herself when she's on and she'll be more than happy to oblige.

The trick can then be educed.


This trick costs 80 GP to cast, and requires 50 units of mind space. It is not cast on any object as the witch is casting it on her own brain.


Focus tea results
100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300

The following skills are used in the stages of this trick


No components are required to cast this trick.

Casting Messages


Carefully, so as not to startle it, you let your mind settle and slowly fade into the foreground of its awareness, divining the terrain.
After sizing up what makes it tick, you begin to convoke the threads of your thoughts towards things that have a certain innate greatness like sturdy comfortable armor, a large light backpack, and a well balanced sword.
You subtly manipulate your mind, enchanting it with visions of greateur and priming it to believe it could make a talisman, too, if only people would Believe.


Entranced, your mind perks up and looks around for someone to Believe in its greatness.

What others see

<caster> lets her mind settle and beings divining her most inner thoughts.
<caster> begins to convoke the threads of her thoughts causing a nimbus of magyk to form around her head.
<caster> enchants her mind priming it to believe it could make a talisman someday soon.


Uses standard trick failures.

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