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Defend is a command you can use to defend another person. You will attempt to parry on their behalf, and so defend them.

If you use this command without any arguments it shows who is defending you and who you are defending in the room.

Conversely, to stop defending, you can undefend.


> defend <living>
You defend <living>.

> defend
No one is defending you.
Of the people in this room, you are defending <living>.

> undefend <living>
You stop defending <living>.


  • Defending someone makes you attempt to parry on their behalf. This is less extreme than protect, which makes you move bodily in the way of the attack to take the hit.
  • You need to have your combat response set to parry or block to defend. It does not work with dodging because jumping out of the way would not hamper the incoming attacks in the least.
  • When Defending someone, keep in mind that your AP will take a massive hit every time you attempt to block or parry on their behalf. As such, you may make fewer/no attacks per round in the event that they are attacked multiple times. You also may not take defensive actions on your own behalf in this case.
  • Defending against any attacks will pull you into combat with any enemies that are attempting to harm your ward.
  • If you are parrying to defend your ward you can use riposte to attempt to maintain an offensive stand under the AP constraints of defending your ward.

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