Decate the Dreadful's sea cave

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Decate the Dreadful's sea cave-like sand-filled shack is located in Ephebe on the walkway below Dockside Walk below Krimat's Foreign Exchange.

This single-room shack has been made to look as much like a sea cave as possible.  Sand lies across the whole of the floor, undulating into a deep drift towards the back of the room.  Various seashells and bits of seaweed lie in a meandering line across the middle of the room, almost as though it were left there by the tide.  The walls are caked with cloying grey mud that make the rough wooden walls look as though they are solid rock.  A rock pool filled with dark water lies within a circle of stones near the centre of the room, while a door made of driftwood stands in the northeast corner.
There is one obvious exit: northeast.
Decate the Dreadful is standing here.