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The debate command allows you to challenge someone, or accept a challenge, to a debate. It uses a limited set of topics.

There are achievements for winning and losing debates.

Winning a debate is influenced by skills, as well as wording and arguments chosen. Certain arguments will always beat certain other arguments. Creativity in forming the statement is supposed to be an important factor.

We need to do some research to discover which arguments win against which others. Also, what factors of creativity are measured? length of argument? usage of Discworld place, player, and npc names, as with witches' mocks?


  • debate check
Check your current status
  • debate list
List the currently debatable topics.
  • debate <topic> with <person>
Debate something with someone.
  • debate accept [challenge]
Accept a challenge for a debate.
  • debate reject [challenge]
Reject a challenge for a debate.
  • debate list <topic>
List the arguments assigned to a certain topic.
  • debate [argue] <argument> [by] saying <something convincing>
Set your final argument to debate with your opponent.


The topics currently debatable are:

  • secrecy
  • theology
  • tactics
  • thaumaturgy
  • anthropology

Arguments by Topic

  • secrecy
    • lockpicking
    • manipulating
    • hiding
    • stealth
  • theology
    • offensive
    • defensive
    • curing
    • misc
  • tactics
    • range
    • defending
    • special
    • melee
  • thaumaturgy
    • elemental
    • mental
    • physical
    • spiritual
  • anthropology
    • teaching
    • valueing
    • trading
    • culture

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