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Minigames are games within the game!


Repeatable missions are now available all over the Disc.

Genuan Families - The Coffee Nostra

There are three Coffee Nostra families.

  • Corolla, in the Stables.
  • Gumboni, in the Casino.
  • Couer Lion, in the Pizzeria.

Families assign missions. You must be in good standing with a family to join it.

Kefka Posted:

The Coffee Nostra system is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, with the "getting them to like you enough to let you join" question being the biggest one that tends to stump people as far as I can tell.

From my investigations, discussions, bug replies, etc, here are the few bits of info I'm relatively sure about:

* Killing the important members of a family makes them all dislike you, but killing the nameless goons is fine (and may indeed help) - this is to discourage killing the important members who are needed to interact with the family system.

* You can raise your rep with the Corolla family (in the used horse yard) by winning matches in the fight club in the sewers.

* I suspect you may be able to raise your rep with the Gumbonis (casino) by doing things at the racetrack or casino... I'm not sure if winning money or losing it would make them like you... or if it has any impact.

* There is (or was - may have been changed) no lower limit to your reputation with families. So if you have hunted family areas and killed the important members repeatedly in the past, you may as well give up until a cre has time to poke things, since your rep is probably well beyond reasonable recovery.

Grimrak commented that "If you kill any family's Consigliere, you will annoy every family."

Agatean Families

If you join an Agatean family, you can perform missions for them.

CTF Arena

The capture the flag arena is for team games. NPKs and PKs may play. It involves fighting with the provided equipment and trying to hoist underwear.

PK combat arena

This is an area for PK and NPK (who gain temporary PK status) to fight with any equipment they want to bring.

CTF Boxes

CTF boxes are for PK games. They can be purchased in Hillshire.

Pub Games

  • Several pubs in Genua have games machines in them.
  • Darts can be played in several pubs across the disc.
  • There is a throwing axe version of darts in a pub in Genua.

Magical darts

The Hammered Cat in the Academy of Artificers has a special version of darts that uses magic.methods.mental.animating instead of fighting.range.thrown.


There is a bowling alley in the crypt below the Monks of Cool temple.


There is an impball table on the first floor of the Monks of Cool temple.


See boardgames for more information.


The Rugby pitch is in Lancre, North of Lancre Town and just to the East of the Lancre Pishe Temple.

This is a PK game where you temporarily tagged as PK whilst on the rugby pitch. If you die on the pitch there is a morgue in the basement where you can get resurrected (with full health and stats).

Player-Shop Games

These may be installed in player shops.

  • Poker Table (small, medium, large)
  • Blackjack Table


NPKs and PKs can play tag.

Dueling arena

There's a demon dueling arena southwest of the courtyard of the Bes Pelargic L-space Bubble.

Wizard billiard

There are four Wizards' Billiards tables off the courtyard of the Bes Pelargic L-space Bubble.