Dark Sight

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Dark Sight
Ritual information
Deities Fish, Hat
Type Miscellaneous
Base GP cost 15
Components holy symbol
Required powers speech

Dark sight is a priest ritual that allows to performer to see in the dark.


The ritual costs 15 GP, and cannot be targeted. It requires the power of speech.

Performing messages


You say a prayer over yourself.


Your vision suddenly fades to a dull blue shade.


This ritual uses faith.rituals.misc.self and is thought to use faith.rituals.misc.arearesearch as well.


This ritual requires no components.


Dark sight increases your eyes sensitivity to the light, allowing you to see in rooms that are usually too dark to see in without a light source.

However, because your eyes are so sensitive to light, rooms that are too bright can cause you to go blind.


The ritual does not need to be stacked multiple times like the light ritual.

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