Cure Drunkenness

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Cure Drunkenness
Ritual information
Deities Pishe Gufnork Gapp Sandelfon
GP cost 60
Components none
Required powers Speech
Learned At 10 levels faith.rituals
Skills faith.rituals.curing.self,
Resisted By n
Angers? n
Type Healing
Steps 2
Targets others, self
Description Counteracts the effects of alcohol.
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Cure Drunkenness is a priest ritual used to cure the effects of alcohol.


A priest requires 10 levels of faith.rituals to learn this ritual from a faith instructor.


This ritual costs 60 GP, and is performed on a player.

It requires the power of speech.


This ritual uses faith.rituals.curing.self when performed on one's self or when performed on others.

Performing messages


You close your eyes and contemplate higher things.
You utter a prayer to assist in mental regeneration.
You place your hands on yourself.


You feel a rush as the effects of the alcohol are purged from your body. You almost collapse from the shock.
As the features of the world become painfully clear, you realize you are once again sober.

What the target sees

What others see



Wearing off


A ward, when triggered, will do the opposite of the ritual and instead afflict drunkenness.

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