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Cravats come in a variety of colours and TM people.culture.ankh-morporkian. They take up a neck slot, and you must wear them in order to utilise them. So far it seems that you need around a 110 bonus to start TM'ing by tying the item, and it appears to be possible to TM at least to 194 mark.

Cravats weigh 2/9 lb. and are worn on the scarf layer, covering the neck.


While wearing the cravat, type "tie <cravat> in {Whip|Barouche|Defiance|Four-in-hand|Auriental|Mathematical|Waterfall|Llamedese Knot|Ballroom} style".

Tie GP cost
Barouche 10
Waterfall 10
Whip 10
Four-in-hand 13
Llamedese knot 13
Defiance 17
Mathematical 17
Auriental 20
Ballroom 20


These are most commonly found in the Moonlit Market, and less commonly can be found by searching in the Shonky Shop located on Clay Lane. see Kefka's Item Database.