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Stat dependencies
Con Dex Int Str Wis
0 2 2 1 0
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Discworld Skills is the skill used to determine a player's prowess at goldsmithing.


This skill is used for the following:


The following spells use this skill in their stages:


The following groups have this skill as a primary:

TM opportunities

Bonus Action taken
52 Fix, Slim gold chain collar, Very Good
131 Fix, Gold medallion
134 Fix, Gold ring
135 Launder, Gold bracelet, A$12.00
137 Launder, Topaz earring, A$2.37
141 Launder, Topaz earring, A$2.37
143 Fix, Set of shiny gold handcuffs, Very good
145 Fix, Gold ring, Very poor Unknown
147 Launder, Hippopotamus-head ring A$19.12
149 Launder, Gold medallion, A$20.66
152 Fix, Gold earring, Good
153 Fix, Filigree hairpin, Very good
163 Launder, Gold medallion, Excellent, $20.90, 2
165 Launder, Gold buckle, A$10.21, 3
167 Fix, Gold medallion, Good
168 Fix, Gold ring, Fairly good
171 Fix, Gold ring, Fairly good
171 Fix, Gold ring
174 Fix, Gold ring, Fairly good
178 Launder, Gold bracelet, A$12.82
178 Fix, Gold ring, Fairly poor, A$0.16
179 Fix, Pretty necklace, Fairly poor
179 Fix, Gold ring, Poor, BP$0.21
180 Fix, Sphinx necklace, Decent, A$0.14
181 Fix, Gold ring, Fairly good, A$0.10
182 Fix, Gold ring, Fairly poor, A$0.17
183 Fix, Gold ring, Fairly poor, A$0.16
183 Fix, Topaz earring, Decent, A$0.13
193 Fix, Gold ring, Fairly good
195 Fix, Gold ring, Fairly good
213 Fix, Gold charm bracelet, Very good
213 Launder, Platinum pendant, A$51.15, Launder message #4
213 Launder, Looped nose ring, A$28.50, Launder message #1
214 Launder, Smoky amber earring, A$44.28, Launder message #3
215 Launder, Pair of mother of pearl cufflinks, A$34.30, Launder message #2
215 Launder, Rough garnet ring, A$36.45, Launder message #1
217 Launder, Pair of jingly handmainden's bangles, A$34.34, Launder message #2
218 Launder, Vintage verge watch, A$40.08, Launder message #2
220 Sculpt, Platinum cabbage brooch A$80.00
221 Sculpt, Platinum cabbage brooch, A$80.00
221 Sculpt, Gold chain of stars, A$20.00
231 Forge, Chain of stars(Rose gold)
232 Forge, Oak leaf ring (black gold)
232 Forge, Chain of stars(Electrum)
235 Sculpt, Oak leaf ring (gold)
235 Sculpt, Chain of stars (gold)
308 Forge, Oak ring (red gold), You feel more sure of your skill at fine work.
318 Forge, Tankard (platinum), "Short and sturdy"