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Short form
Stat dependencies
Con Dex Int Str Wis
0 2 2 1 0
Skill tree
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Discworld Skills is the skill used when working with armour.


This skill tree is used for the following:


No groups have this skill as a primary.

TM opportunities

Bonus Action taken
80 Fix, a pair of round spectacles without lenses, unknown, A$0.01
85 Fix, Hobnailed Boots, Excellent Condition
88 Fix, Rose-coloured glasses, Very good
111 Restyling horse armour (Success two out of three attempts)
117 Fix, Reading glasses, Good, Unknown,
119 Fix, Blue-tinted sunglasses, Good, A$0.14,
122 Fix, Blue-tinted sunglasses, Very good, A$0.07
122 Fix, Miner's helmet, Fairly good, A$0.23,
128 Fix, Mirrored sunglasses, Fairly poor, A$0.86
130 Fix, Thick-rimmed spectacles, Good, A$0.25,
165 Fix, Thick-rimmed spectacles, Fairly poor
202 Launder, Mirrored sunglasses, A$37.00
209 Launder, Mirrored sunglasses, A$38.65
214 Launder, Ruby wedding necklace, A$37.13
214 Launder, Mirrored sunglasses, A$35.70, Launder message 1
214 Restyling horse armour (Sucess two out of six attempts)
215 Launder, Mirrored sunglasses, A$38.76, Launder message 1
225 Restyle, spiked iron crinet became tempered iron crinet
354 Restyling horse armour