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Con Dex Int Str Wis
0 0 3 0 2
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Crafts.husbandry.animal.grooming determines one's skill at grooming animals.


This skill is used for the following:

  • "Brush"ing or "groom"ing pets (to remove burrs from their fur or make their fur nice and smooth)
  • Brushing moon dragons to get them to like you
  • Leading animals (chickens, goats, calves) around Ephebe
  • Tying animals to sacrifical altars in Ephebe
  • Used with horses to assess them, to groom them

TM opportunities

Bonus Action taken
118 Grooming a moon dragon to get it to follow, successful.
119 Leading a hen in Ephebe without a harness, successful.
127 Tying a goat to an altar in Ephebe, successful.
131 Leading a calf in Ephebe with a harness, successful.
135 Brushing a truffle pig, successful.
193 Assessing horse needs
217 Assess my horse - You learn a little more about assessing the needs of horses.