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Warning.png WARNING: The path from the Copperhead village to the Copperhead mines is treacherous, you could fall and hurt yourself. Shaft number two in the mines is a dangerous zone with auto-attacking npcs and other perils.

The village of Copperhead lies just before the mining caves in the Copperhead mountain in the Lancre Kingdom.



It lies west of the Copperhead mountain and northeast of the road between Creel Springs and Mad Wolf.

The path to reach it is in the middle of the path between Creel Springs and Mad Wolf in the Ramtops mountains.

Language and currency

The language in Copperhead is Morporkian (with an Lancrastian accent). Some dwarves in the mines speak Dwarfish.

The local currency is the Lancre crown.


From the southeast of the square, you can take the path to the Copperhead mines or climb up to it.

There is a drawfish pub, the Beard and Badger southwest of the square with:

There is a small corridor-shrine to Sandelfon with

  • a special silver balance that only works for Sandelfon priests;
  • a side holy corridor with a religious instructor and a board.

There is a general store in the stall southeast of the square with Shave-Me-Own-Beard Dibk'larz (Dibbler clone).

Borst Besensteel's Broomstick Shop where custom broomsticks can be ordered, normal broomsticks are sold for &&&&&&&&&&&+9216 LC 5|4|- and various broom polish are sold for &&&&&&&&&&&+1998 LC 1|1|10 1/2 each. His shop is also a wood workshop where you can repair wooden things.

There is a a smithy when you can fix things and buy some weapons, tools, misc and shields.

A: a steel battle axe for &&&&&&&&&&&+1398 Ls 9|8 1/2 (two left).
B: a one-handed steel axe for &&&&&&&&&&+31998 LSov 1|6|6|2 1/2 (one left).
C: a double-headed battle axe for &&&&&&&&&&&+1398 Ls 9|8 1/2 (two left).
D: a two-handed axe for &&&&&&&&&&&+2499 LC 1|5|4 1/4 (one left).
E: a small knife for &&&&&&&&&&&&&+48 Lp 4 (two left).
F: a pickaxe for &&&&&&&&&&&&+600 Ls 4|2 (one left).
G: a crowbar for &&&&&&&&&&&&+399 Ls 2|9 1/4 (one left).
H: a claw hammer for &&&&&&&&&&&&+600 Ls 4|2 (two left).
I: a simple copper pan for &&&&&&&&&&&+9072 LC 5|3|- (one left).
J: a deluxe steel pan for &&&&&&&&&&+43200 LSov 2|1|-|- (two left).
K: a mail hauberk for &&&&&&&&&&&+2598 LC 1|6|1/2 (one left).
L: a horned helm for &&&&&&&&&&&+1599 Ls 11|1 1/4 (one left).
M: a small metal shield for &&&&&&&&&&&&+198 Ls 1|4 1/2 (two left).
N: an emerald studded shield / sapphire studded shield for &&&&&&&&&&+82944 LSov 4|-|-|- (one left).
O: an oilstone for &&&&&&&&&&&+3999 LC 2|3|9 1/4 (two left).

Real estate

There is a player cottage, called Granite Cottage, south west of the town on Granite Street.

There is a player shop (commercial property), a stall in the northwest corner of the square.

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