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Command information
GP Cost 50gp
Learnt At guild level 50
Skills Used faith.rituals.special
Items Needed item not consecrated to your deity
Guild Priests' Guild

Consecrate is a priest command used to make an item holy to your specific deity. It can be learnt from your religious instructor at guild level 50. It costs fifty guild points and uses the faith.rituals.special skill.


First, you must be at a high altar of your deity. Secondly, you must have prayed enough recently[1], though the specific amount of praying necessary is unknown. This may be what is meant by "in good standing" in the help file for the command. Finally, you must be in alignment.

A failure due to a simple lack of skill looks like this:

You begin to perform the ceremony of consecration.
You clear your mind and focus on the glory of Gapp.
You attempt to consecrate the powder blue hoop skirt but Gapp seems to be far away.

(A bonus of around 150-200 is necessary to begin to succeed at consecration.)

A failure due to not having prayed enough recently, on the other hand, looks like this:

You begin to perform the ceremony of consecration.
You attempt to contact Gapp but His attention seems to be elsewhere. 


A faith rod must be consecrated to the deity you worship before you can use it. So must holy symbols, holy relics (though they can't actually be reconsecrated), prayer beads, holy amulets, and prayer books. Uniquely, Hattites can use these items as ritual components even if they're consecrated to other deities. Additionally, you can only hold prayer beads--and therefore charge them and potentially get the bonus to wisdom--if they are consecrated to your deity, a restriction that does apply to Hattites.

Also, there are a few rituals performed on items that require that item to be consecrated first:


Most items can be reconsecrated; you just consecrate them as normal. You can therefore get holy amulets, prayer beads, regular holy symbols, and prayer books dedicated to deities you don't worship, consecrate them, and use them thereafter.

Prayer books, when reconsecrated, will retain the name of the deity they were originally dedicated to, but crossed out or scribbled out. They will keep any prayers they contained before. In fact, this is how you get prayers from other deities (for rituals in faith rods)--you give the prayer book to a priest of that diety to reconsecrate and give to their religious instructor, and then consecrate it back.

Holy relics and wearable holy symbols may not be reconsecrated, although you can attempt to do so, spending gp in the process.

Reconsecrating a faith rod either removes the ritual from the rod entirely (if the ritual is not at the highest level, imprinted), or removes almost all the charge from the rod (if the rod is imprinted).

Reconsecrating prayer beads removes all charge from them.

Warded items stay warded when reconsecrated, so you can combine rituals from different deities as wards if you like.

Reconsecrating also leaves remembered places intact; to get rid of a remembered place you need to scour it out.


There is one achievement in the Priests category related to this command:


  1. It's possible that burial commands would also count towards this (since they count as "actively worshipping"), but this has not been tested.research

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