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AM Assassin's Guild by Kefka

The Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins (also known as the Conlegium Sicariorum) is the assassin specialisation based in Ankh-Morpork, although it also has branches in Sto Lat, Sheepridge and Ohulan Cutash.


New members are put into one of six houses upon joining (it used to be that female applicants were automatically put in Black Widow House, but a new change to the code means that if one house is severely lacking in active members, a female applicant can be sorted into a non-Widow house; although the woman in question can decide to join Black Widow House if she wants to).

The guild is headed by the Guild Master who is voted in during an election period where anyone may stand as a candidate (if they are 25 playing days old and have passed the Run). The Guild Master is also the one who can set the Charter, recruit enforcers, place sanctions and disavow Assassins.

Each house has a House Master who, as well as assisting the Guild Master in his or her duties, runs their house and the members in it. As with the Guild Master, House Masters are voted in during an election, which requires you to be 15 days old and to have passed the Run.

There is a librarian position that manages the Assassins' Guild Library.


The Assassins' Guild Charter is usually in the form of a list of rules that are set by the Guild Master. The Guild Master may choose how these rules are followed and has the power to sanction players should he or she believe they have broken it. The Charter may be viewed in the various guild houses and by "review"ing it on your inhumation certificate.

A copy of the (hopefully) latest version is transcribed on the AM Guild of Assassins charter page. Please help keep it current by adding the new version to the page when it gets changed.

Guild titles

The following is a list of post-titles that follow the players' names in the who directory when they achieve a certain guild level.

Undergraduate Titles
Guild Level Title
0 Worthless Nobody
1 - 4 Hopeful
5 - 9 Cowering Student
10 - 19 Student
20 - 29 Competent Student
30 - 39 Good Student
40 - 49 Excellent Student
50 - 59 Rooftop Runner
60 + Graduating Assassin
Graduate Titles
Guild Level Title
0 - 59 Trailing Assassin
60 - 64 Harmless Assassin
65 - 69 Novice Assassin
70 - 74 Rising Assassin
75 - 79 Journeyman Assassin
80 - 89 Assessing Assassin
90 - 99 Wary Assassin
100 - 109 Assassin
110 - 124 Assassin for Hire
125 - 149 Assassin's Assassin
150 - 174 Competent Assassin
175 - 199 Discreet Assassin
200 - 224 Silken Assassin
225 - 249 Swift Assassin
250 - 274 Unexpected Assassin
275 - 299 Dangerous Assassin
300 - 324 Deadly Assassin
325 - 349 Stylish Professional
350 - 374 Discorporation Assistant
375 - 399 Lightning Blade
400 - 424 Fashionable Silhouette
425 - 449 Silent Death
450 - 474 Fatal Whisper
475+ Mythical Shadow

There are also titles awarded when you are appointed into a new position in the guild or pass a Doctorate.

Miscellaneous Guild Titles
Title Acquisition Title Type
Dr/Doctor Passing a Doctorate Pre-title
Professor Master or Doctorate Professor Pre-title
Master/Mistress of <house> House Becoming a Master or Mistress of a House Post-title (overrides Graduate Title)
Master/Mistress of the Assassins' Guild Become the Guild Master or Mistress Post-title (overrides Graduate Title
House/International Games Organizer Appointed as House or International Games Organizer Post post-title


To join the Guild:

  • first take form from box in the foyer
  • Move south to the room with the secretary and say apply
  • You will be automatically added to a House and given information in an envelope

Once you join, you should get the key to your dormitory, to do so:

  • Go to the porter's lodge
  • Say can I get a key to the dormitory please?
  • Make sure you are carrying the key in your inventory to open the door to your dormitory
  • It is recommended to review the Cordat which is also located in your dormitory study


Once you get your key to your House's dormitory, you can advance your primary skills at the study inside the dormitory.

You can type help here to see the commands for info on how to advance.

If you have just joined, you can only advance up to level 75 for primary skills until you pass the Run

You can also advance skills and learn commands in the training room of the Sto Lat branch and the Ohulan-Cutash branch

The Run

The Run is something that all Assassins must do in order to graduate from the guild. It may be attempted at any time

Passing the Run gives an Assassin:

  • The inhume command
  • New guild titles beyond that of a student or graduating assassin
  • Allows them to advance their primaries past 75 to 300
  • To close any contract
  • Run in an election
  • Take out certain books from the Assassin Library reserved for graduated assassins
  • Use classrooms reserved for graduated assassins
  • Start a Vote of no Confidence
  • Enrol in post-graduate courses

Advice about the Run

  • The entrance to the Run is at the top of the south-eastern bell tower, and starting it is often considered part of the test
  • It is recommended to do the Run in daytime
  • You will find your examiner there and can ask them politely if you may do the Run
  • They will ask you three questions from the Cordat that you need to answer correctly to proceed, so make sure to review it.
  • Once you've answered correctly you can start run to begin it, if you die/fail or return from the Run without completing it, you have to start the above process again
  • You can not do the Run anymore once you pass it
  • There are six different routes for the run, so not every assassin takes the same test
  • It can be lethal, losing lives in the Run is very normal
  • It is recommended to use up all your experience before you start the Run, you do not want to waste it if you die
  • It is recommended to look at the Death page and make sure there are Pishe priests that can resurrect you online and free
  • It should be done when an assassin has guildmaxed their primaries (up to level 75 or to the point where they can no longer advance)
  • Guildmaxing adventuring.points, adventuring.acrobatics.balancing, adventuring.acrobatics.tumbling and adventuring.acrobatics.vaulting is recommended
  • It can help even to advance skills beyond guildmax so to boost your chances of success on skillcheck but this is optional
  • Make sure to look at everything (search could help too) closely on the Run, there are traps on the Run that can kill you and hints in descriptions
    • Look at the trap closely as well to learn how to disarm it
    • If there are interesting details or things of note, look for things that you can look inside that detail, such as if there is moss on a rock, look at the moss and keep going on
    • Sometimes you have looked hard enough and found no traps, that is fine too
  • Carry as light as possible, a throwing knife, one or two lockpicks are usually good, keep your burden below or at 5% if possible
    • Drop some cash in the belltower so that you can use to access the vault no matter if you pass or not
  • As well, it's easier to climb and balance without shoes or things in your hands.
  • Usually you can ask your Guildmaster/Guildmistress or the leader of your House for royals for buying lives if you lose too many lives
  • If you are stuck, trying out different verbs with the syntax keyword can help
  • Going backwards in the Run resets the rooms you went back on, be careful
  • If you die from the Run, your body will usually be found near the entrance of the Guild or in the courtyard
  • You should log off or do something else for the day if you die or fail on the Run, it has been noted that the traps on the Run can get buggy or a lot harder on the second attempt and you may fail and die where you previously succeeded.
  • You might also need to rearrange your stats to boost certain skill bonuses to pass the Run but this is usually your last resort


Like all assassin guilds, a unique list of NPC contracts can be placed and viewed here. NPC contracts can be closed by anyone with the inhume command.

Longname Cost Shortname
Harley Skiller A$17 skiller
Vyrt A$900 vyrt
Ned Simnel A$80 ned
Ilik Tanikalot A$750 ilik
The LAG A$150 lag
Nadow A$45 nadow
Sokkard A$250 sokkard
Albert A$15 albert
Jack Straw A$45 jack
Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler A$24.95 dibbler
Hoff Buchannon A$200 hoff
Wreck-Me-Own-Boat Thursday A$4.95 thursday
Mum Blithesome A$70 blithesome


As mentioned, the Assassins' Guild votes in their admin during an election. There are also some positions, such as lecturers for the post-graduate courses and games organisers, which are appointed by the Guild Master.

Guild Admin
Guild Master Reva
Cobra House Master (vacant)
Black Widow House Mistress Grimace
Raven House Master Mortifi
Scorpion House Master (vacant)
Tree Frog House Master Quickbeam
Viper House Master Jerec
Subject Level Name
Dance and Deportment Lecturer (mdd) Master Animaltamer
Crafts (mc) Master Stabbity
History (mh) Master Pendrake
Medicine and Applied Pathology (mmap) Master Sleipnir
Music (mm) Master Acalyn
Assassination (ma) Master Kurzik
Physical Education (mpe) Master Jerec
Disguise (md) Master Dmorph
Political Expediency (dpe) Doctor Mortifi
Alchemical Science (dalsc) Doctor Beale
Languages (dl) Doctor Andrew
Inhumation (di) Doctor Llylia
Other positions
House Games Organiser (vacant)
International Games Organiser Yuphie
Social Secretary Woody
Librarian Stabbity

Guild Outposts

There are guild outposts located in Sto Lat, Sheepridge and Ohulan Cutash.

Ohulan Cutash

The Ohulan Cutash branch is located in Assassin Alley, it is hidden to the east of a certain section of Quayside Way.

You can keep going east on Assassin Alley, then down to the public inhumation office and then north to a set of disused rooms.

Move until you reach the dead-end heading towards the southeast and search wall and press button to enter the Ohulan Cutash branch.


Go down from the alcove in the The Frog and Firkin pub to reach the Sheepridge branch.

Sto Lat

Go west from the cellar in the mansion on Quirm Street

Guild Facilities

There are a series of facilities and training rooms located at the Guild

Newbie Chest

There is a battered old travelling trunk on the stairwell of the dormitories in the Ankh-Morpork guildhouse which is a newbie chest, only Guild of Assassins students (not yet graduated from the Run) can take things from this trunk.

There is a newbie chest in the Ohulan-Cutash branch of the Guild of Assassins in the form of a large wardrobe in the dormitory.

As well buckets in the poison labs on the third floor in the Ankh-Morpork main branch are also used as a form of newbie chest storing lockpicks and other poison-making components.


Ankh-Morpork Guildhouse

  • Guild library where you can request for a book
    • There are also other books like a book of poisons that already available and do not need requesting
      • type looks books to see them
    • Read sign to see which books are available
    • Type help here to learn how to request books
    • Once requested, you can get the book from the table
  • A classroom for learning languages and also serves as an musical instrument shop
  • The southern Alchemy and Metalwork classroom
    • You can get phials from the shelves if you need them
    • This classroom is also a woodworking shop for carpentry
  • Tannery for leatherworking mixed with a smithy for fixing
  • Guild shops selling assassin clothes, weaponry and items
  • Classrooms for learning commands for assassins
  • Games room
    • Has a connect four board
  • A spa where you can wash yourself
  • A series of poison labs
    • This area is only for Guild of Assassin members, trespassing can be fatal
    • Usually other assassin guild members are allowed but you should read the notices discussing who is allowed to make sure
    • You can type look apparatus in each lab to see what is available to use
    • There are equipment on the benches and usually a firebox and a sink with water in each lab
    • To use the firebox, type heat all in firebox
    • There are sometimes a bucket in the labs
    • Buckets in the labs is used to store items like vials and poison components and is sometimes used as a newbie chest of sorts.
  • Mr Carter, who is usually in the graduate lounge (reserved for graduated assassins) sells cigars, alcohol and teas.
  • The Assasins' Guild Council Chamber usually has decanters of poison and alcohol on its sideboard that can be taken
  • You can get poisoned if you search the plants in the southwestern corner of the courtyard

Ohulan-Cutash branch

  • Public and private humation offices
  • Bulletin board
  • Guild shop selling clothes, weaponry and other items
  • Dormitory with newbie chest
  • Poison lab
    • Cupboard has bottles and shelf has vials
  • A roof which you can reach if you can climb the rope from the training room
    • There is a telescope here which you can use by typing point telescope [direction]
    • A ladder that leads outside which you can climb, falling down can lose up to 200-300 hp

Sto Lat branch

  • Public and private humation offices
  • Bulletin board
  • Guild shop selling clothes, weaponry and other items
  • Shop selling custom blowpipes
  • Cellar
    • The wine rack usually has bottles of wine
    • The basket has food items
  • A bathroom that you can wash in
    • There is a towel in the cupboard you can take and dry yourself with

Sheepridge branch

Training Rooms

Ankh-Morpork Guildhouse

  • A sculpture that you can TM adventuring.acrobatics skills on the SE corner of the courtyard
    • Type syntax leap to learn more
    • An example command can be leap on 1 stump
  • A climbing wall where you can TM adventuring.movement.climbing.rock
    • You can start to climb by starting at the base of the wall and then type climb up
  • A hiding classroom where you can try to TM sneaking and hiding
    • You can TM hiding skills by typing stand still
    • You can TM sneaking-related stealth skills by typing walk through {black|grey|mauve|blue} strings
  • Windows you can open on the north end of the corridors of the guild dormitories and where the guildmaster/housemaster offices are
    • You can open them and type climb window to sit on the ledges although this is very dangerous and should be done only if you have >= 190 adventuring.movement.climbing.rock bonuses
    • You can TM adventuring.movement.climbing.rock climbing this wall
    • You can reach the roof of the guildhouse if you keep climbing up
    • You can also climb up from the southwest corner of Peasant Parade and down to the southwest corner of Peasant Parade
  • You can lockpick and disable traps on drawers in the Traps and Lockpicking classroom to TM lockpicking
    • Look at the drawers to see which you can pick, you can read each one to see its difficulty
    • Usually there is a trap on the drawer, type disable {wood} drawer
    • Hold a lockpick and pick {wood} drawer
    • You can break your lockpick when picking a lock, be careful
  • There is a piano in the Dance and Deportment classroom which can be used to TM covert skills
    • Type play piano to try it out
  • The Modern Language and Music classroom
    • There is a piano here which you can TM music-related skills and play as well, type syntax play to learn more
    • There are plaques in different languages here that can you can TM written language skills with

Ohulan-Cutash branch

  • Dummy in the training room
    • You can play game if there are other players
    • You can practise game if there is only you
    • You do not need to hold knives, you will automatically grab them from then dummy when you type throw
    • This can TM fighting.range.thrown
  • Rope in the training name where you can TM adventuring.movement.climbing.rope

Sto Lat branch

  • Archery range with a set of targets on a fake roof of mansion, reachable by climbing up from the garden leading to the Mansion
    • As bows are not available in-game, you can not use this archery range
    • This should be used to TM fighting.range.fired
  • Dart board in the private inhumation office can be used to TM fighting.range.thrown
    • type practise game if on your own or play game if with other people
    • type throw to throw something, make sure there is nothing in your hand
  • Lockbox hidden under rug in drawing room in mansion
    • Need to fold rug to reveal it
    • Can be used to TM covert.lockpick.doors
    • Need quite high bonus, (probably 300+) to open the lockbox
  • Drinking cabinet in dining room in Mansion can be used to TM covert.lockpick.doors too
  • A decorative mahogany wardrobe in bedroom in Mansion can be used to TM covert.lockpick.doors too


These commands are exclusive to this guild.

* These commands are also shared with the Thieves' Guild.

Learning Commands

To learn commands once you reach the required skill, you can say teach me please to the instructors located in the classrooms around the Guild that correspond to that skill

These classrooms include:

  • A Fencing and Edged Weaponry classroom where Madame les Deux-Epees will teach the below fighting commands:
  • A hiding classroom where Mr Schotter will teach the below covert commands:
  • A Traps and Lockpicking classroom where Miss Band will teach the below covert commands:
  • An Ambush classroom where Mr Nivor will teach you the ambush command
  • A Dance and Deportment classroom where Monsieur le Balourd will teach you:
  • A Personal Grooming classroom where Mr Moody will teach you backstab
  • Baron Strifenkanen in the Applied Pathology classroom will teach you assess

Post-Graduate Courses

The Guild of Assassins offers post-graduate courses for its members who pass the Run

The post-graduate courses handbook in the Guild Library will have more details on courses

You can only clear a maximum of 3 Master courses, and 1 Doctor course, so choose wisely.


Masters-level courses require guild level 150 and cost 20 royals.

Doctor-level courses require guild level 300, successful completion of a Masters-level course in the same stream and cost 40 royals.

To pass the course, you need to:

  • attend nine lectures
  • pass a guild-set practical exam or professor-set assignment
  • pass a multiple choice written exam


Lectures take place in the lecture theatre, adjacent to the teacher’s lounge.

You can check the timing on the lecture timetables in the administration building and in the lecture theatre.

Should there be no participants at the stipulated time, the lecturer will not turn up, so please be punctual.

In order to be counted as taking part in a lecture, you must be there from the start to the end.


These are the primary skills for this guild.

See also