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Custom items--largely custom clothing--come in a very large variety of colours.

Colours that can fit more than one category should be on both lists. For example, yellow green is on both the "yelllow colours" and "green colours" lists, and "gold" is on both the "yellow colours" and "metal-themed colours" lists. This is because the purpose of these lists is to be able to easily find colours that are similar.

Themed groups:

Shops included

Npc or shop Type of items Location
Al Sartorn scabbards Ankh-Morpork, Endless Street
Alyssa of Gapp priest clothes Ankh-Morpork, Street of Small Gods
Brittnee t-shirts Genua, Savannah Road
Buic Kressley wedding gloves Genua, Diamond Crescent
Cade l'Insignateur badges Genua, Paradise Crescent
Jolly student (Custom wizard hats) hats (wizard) Bes Pelargic, Wizards' Guild
Fluffy student (Custom wizard robes) robes (wizard) Bes Pelargic, Wizards' Guild
Sulphie Lowen wedding dresses Genua, Diamond Crescent
David Leatherman scabbards Genua, triangle market
Elmira fruitbat clothing Razorback
Frank Gnaby hats (party) Ankh-Morpork, King's Way
A funky hat shop hats Bes Pelargic, Joy Luck Street
Gerard de Wendelle gowns Sto Lat, eastern Wall Street
Geta the Hutt shoes Bes Pelargic, the Snail
glassmaking shop glass bottles, etc. Ankh-Morpork, Street of Cunning Artificers
Grangrid, Graves, and Descendants various Ankh-Morpork, Chrononhotonthologos Street
Han Sew Low obis Bes Pelargic, Imperial Avenue
Hatty Lillington hats Ankh-Morpork, Pallant Street
Lacet Voyle wedding veils Genua, Diamond Crescent
Libby Twickle crystal jewellery Scrogden
makeup stall makeup Bes Pelargic, The Serpent
Miss Armitage shawls Sto Lat, Queen's Road
Maurice Trimbleworthy cloaks Brass Neck
Monsieur Aubert wedding suits Genua, Diamond Crescent
Monsieur Leverett priest clothes Genua, Gapp temple, Darling Road
Mrs. Cosmopilite various Ankh-Morpork, Quirm Street
Nathan lingerie Ankh-Morpork, Artorollo Alley
Nicolette various Ankh-Morpork, Thieves' Guild, Street of Alchemists
Obi Wan Kimono kimonos Bes Pelargic, Silver Dragon Lane
Qui-Got Zori zori Bes Pelargic, Pearl Street
Sophie Mortimer hats (witch) Mad Stoat
Tattoo You tattoos Genua, Liquor Alley
Urban Pturbans (partial, rotates) hats (turbans, veils) Djelibeybi, west side of bazaar
Voiiten Ganq wedding shoes Genua, Diamond Crescent
William Cobbler shoes/boots Ankh-Morpork, The Soake
Wun Gold Star various Bes Pelargic, Golden Sow Lane

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