Cold cure

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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains spoilers about teas also known as potions.
Cold cure
Potion information
Other names Cold potion
Effect Cures the common cold.
Brewed yes
Glance thick, golden syrup
Look This is a thick, gloopy and sticky looking golden syrup, a large pile. It smells strongly of garlic.
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  • Upon drinking sufficient quantity (typically one cup) of cold cure, the drinker is immediately cured of the common cold, along with the negative stat effects that go with it.
  • It also gives the drinker garlic breath.
  • Note that this is a cure, not a vaccine. It does not protect against future colds, but Granny Lipintense's Layer of Lard does protect against getting a cold.


Ingredient 1:

The cure-all.
Causes bad breath when eaten.
Feared by many vampires.

Ingredient 2:

It helps to smooth a sore throat.
You can find some by Granny's.
Careful not to be stung.


1. grind garlic bulbs (ground garlic)
2. mix ground garlic with honey (golden syrup)
3. brew (thick, golden syrup)