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This article is about rocks. For the rock-climbing skill, see adventuring.movement.climbing.rock.

Rocks of various sizes can be used as the target for the spell Amazing Silicate Blorpler, as well as for the Sandelfon version of the Totem ritual. All objects in this category (rocks, stones, pebbles, powder and boulders) may be referred to in-game by the term mineral.

Size categories

There are four size categories of rock:

Name Weight (lb) Adjective
Boulder > 111 2/9 huge
Rock 2 3/9 to 111 2/9
(confirmed up to 11 8/9)
Stone 6/9 to 2 2/9 medium sized
Pebble 1/9 to 5/9 small

There are also cobbles, which range from at least 1 lb to 1 3/9 lb. They appear not to be a size category, and if you chip them you get a pebble and a stone.

With a pickaxe or a pick you can smash rocks at least 55 5/9 lb large.

Rocks larger than 1/9 lb may be "chip"ped with a hammer, a pick or a pickaxe. This gives you a pebble weighing 1/9 lb, and makes the chipped rock smaller by 1/9 lb. If the larger rock was consecrated, the pebble will be as well. If the larger rock was a blorple, the pieces will be blorpled to the same place. (This holds true for blorples, but may no longer be the case for consecrated rocks, and should be checked.   research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. )

Pebbles may also be "pulverise"d with a hammer, resulting in powder (a continuous item).

Smash, chip and pulverise can be used on objects in your inventory and in the room at the same time, which is convenient for large rocks but care should be taken when there are some things you don't want to use the command on.


Powder can be "sprinkle"d over yourself or objects. When you do this you use ALL the powder that can match what you specified (so grey powder matches slate and granite if you have both), so be sure to only have the powder you want to use in your carried inventory.

On living things like yourself, it adds a line: She is dusted with pink mineral powder, black mineral powder and grey mineral powder.
Without argument it sprinkles the room, adding to the room description a line: Someone has sprinkled grey mineral powder around here.
On an object, it adds a line: It is dusted with purple mineral powder.

It doesn't matter if you used 1 pinch or several handfuls, the result is the same.

Raining doesn't remove the dust from the room and splashing someone doesn't remove it from the person either.

Washing <object/living> in creek near Granny's does get rid of it.

The mineral powder washes off your body.

Each sprinkle gives you ten minutes' worth (regardless of how much was used). It stacks to an extent, but it will not last longer than twenty minutes after the last sprinkle--so if you want to keep it on you'll have to renew it regularly. When it wears off you get a message, which is different depending on whether the it was sprinkled on you, on one of your items, or in the room (you don't see it wearing off of other people):

You brush the last of the powder off yourself.
The last of the powder coating the set of smooth lodestone prayer beads wears away and is gone.
The last of the powder sprinkled here finally wears away and is gone.


You can get pebbles, rocks and stones from various locations:

  • (flint, black mineral) 'Get cobble' from Sator Square outside of the Magic Emporium, which gets you a cobble.
  • The Rock Shop, on Quarry Lane, sells sulphur, slate, flint, and chalk, as large rocks and stones. It also has free coal in a dish.
  • A Quarry bagel shop, on Quarry Lane, sells (in order): flint, granite, rosy-quartz, cinnabar, and chalk. They're bagel- and doughnut-shaped until being chipped.
  • A troll street vendor on Quarry Lane sells cinnabar, slate, flint, and chalk.
  • The Alchemists' Guild shop, when open, sells sulphur (in blocks) and purple mineral nuggets
Bes Pelargic
  • 'Get pebble' from Blue Moon Park, which gets you a pebble
  • (chalk, white mineral) 'Get stone' from Sion Street , just outside the glasses shop (east of the Snail, between Imperial Avenue and Wall Street, )
  • A small, dingy shop in Bes Pelargic sells pinches of cinnabar. Note that these aren't the same as powdered cinnabar rocks, and cannot be sprinkled (it's also not a continuous item). The shop also sells sulphur in blocks.

While blocks of sulphur can be pulverised into sulphur powder, this powder cannot be sprinkled.

Creel Springs
  • The Magic and Meddlers' Shop, in the House of Magic, sells sulphur (in blocks) and purple mineral nuggets
  • 'Get pebble' just north of Daf- in Slik-slit-silt's room at the entry of The Hood.
  • Mit-sin-bibh-khot's world of rare reagents in the Institute of Illusory Learning sells cinnabar, rosy-quartz, limestone, and chalk pebbles, as well as sulphur (in blocks) and purple mineral nuggets.
Gloomy forest
  • With a pickaxe, mine the wall of the quarry around the druid circle in Gloomy Forest. The number of stones you can get is limited and you'll need to wait a while to do it again.
Ohulan Cutash
  • 'Get coal' outside the smithy, which gets you a coal pebble
  • 'Dig [up] {cobble|cobblestone} with shovel' in the southern end of Quayside Way (the room with the pothole), which gets you a cobble
Sto Lat
  • Stapleton's Student Supplies in the Artificers' Academy sells limestone, rosy-quartz, and flint pebbles, as well as sulphur (in blocks).
  • (chalk, white mineral) 'Get cobble' from the garden in the Artificers' Academy.
  • Rocky shore around the Circle Sea and beach/rocky shore around the Turnwise Ocean - 'Get pebble', 'get stone', or (in some rooms) 'get cobble'. This doesn't always work in all rooms.
  • In the seashore by the Widdershins Ocean, you can search to find granite and coal (also gems and driftwood).
  • 'Get rock' in mountainous terrain, hilly mountain range or mountains, which gets you a stone, a pebble, or, sometimes, a rock. Note that this will pretty much only get you pebbles in the foothills of mountains (that is, in the first few rooms of the terrain) - go a little deeper in to get more stones and rocks.
  • Need to go confirm: Pebbles in cabbage and watermelon fields (during the right season)


You seem to be able to refer to the type even if looking at it doesn't show you what type it is. A mineral always has a short description of "<colour> mineral", even if you can identify it on a closer inspection with "look".

Whether or not you can identify a mineral by sight doesn't appear to be a pure skillcheck. It's likely related to the procedure wizards once had to go through to identify chalk for CCC - looking at a stick of chalk and a white mineral (chalk) pebble at the same time.

The distribution mudlib suggests whether you can ID a lot of materials depends on your quest and social points! However, chalk, cinnabar, flint, micholite and slate seem to show up in the long description right away, while only coal and rosy-quartz do not.

Rock type Short description Availability Notes
chalk white mineral <size> mountains/hilly mountain range, Blue Moon Park, The Rock Shop (sold), A Quarry bagel shop (sold as a clay-filled doughnut), troll street vendor (sold), Mit-sin-bibh-khot's shop (sold), Slik-slit-silt's room, druid quarry Component in Chrenedict's Corporeal Covering and Dismal Digit of Doom. "chalk" or "white mineral".
cinnabar red mineral <size> mountains/hilly mountain range, Blue Moon Park, A Quarry bagel shop (sold as red doughnut), troll street vendor (sold), Mit-sin-bibh-khot's shop (sold), druid quarry "cinnabar" or "red mineral"
cinnabar a pinch of cinnabar Individual pinches sold in a small, dingy shop. Different from the other cinnabar
coal black mineral <size> mountains/hilly mountain range, Ohulan Cutash smithy, The Rock Shop (in the candy dish, not in the inventory!), druid quarry, beachcombing "coal" or "black mineral"
flint black mineral <size> rocky shore, mountains/hilly mountain range, cobbles from Sator Square/Quayside Way, Blue Moon Park, The Rock Shop (sold), A Quarry bagel shop (sold as flintstone bagel), troll street vendor (sold), Stapleton's Student Supplies (sold), druid quarry "flint" or "black mineral"
granite grey mineral <size> A Quarry bagel shop (sold as granite bagel), beachcombing (beach pebbles, various colours)
limestone grey mineral <size> rocky shore, Blue Moon Park, Mit-sin-bibh-khot's shop (sold), Stapleton's Student Supplies (sold)
micholite purple mineral <nugget|powder> the Alchemists' Guild shop, Mit-sin-bibh-khot's shop, Magic and Meddlers' Shop, Blue Moon Park (by searching streams) Component in Master Glimer's Amazing Glowing Thing, Stacklady's Morphic Resonator. Also used for rechargeing. "micholite" or "purple mineral".
Rosy-quartz pink mineral <size> mountains/hilly mountain range, Blue Moon Park, A Quarry bagel shop (sold as pink doughnut), Mit-sin-bibh-khot's shop (sold), Stapleton's Student Supplies (sold), druid quarry "rosy-quartz" or "pink mineral"
slate grey mineral <size> mountains/hilly mountain range, Blue Moon Park, The Rock Shop (sold), troll street vendor (sold), Slik-slit-silt's room, druid quarry "slate" or "grey mineral"
sulphur yellow mineral <size> The Rock Shop (sold)
sulphur (blocks) sulphur the Alchemists' Guild shop (sold), Mit-sin-bibh-khot's shop (sold), Magic and Meddlers' Shop (sold), Stapleton's Student Supplies (sold), a small, dingy shop (sold) Not the same as other sulphur; powdered form cannot be sprinkled.
white-wash white mineral pebble Slik-slit-silt's room

Wearable rocks

  • A pebble on a chain can be bought from a gem stall on Dock Road in Ankh-Morpork for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 $2.50. These are necklaces, and can be used for the Sandelfon totem.
  • A small square stone, the wearable Sandelfon holy symbol, can be bought in Sandelfon temple shops for &&&&&&&&&&+20000 $50 or &&&&&&&&&&+20000 DjToon 100.00. These are bracelets, and can be used for the Sandelfon totem.

Other uses

  • Cobbles are used for a quest (highlight for spoiler)
Road Warrior in Bes Pelargic in conjunction with a shovel.

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