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Club housing is a type of real estate that may be rented for elected clubs.

Club housing differs from player housing in several ways:

  • If your club has a house, it is shown on a line below the recruiters with the command club_name info.
  • Some club housing have a bulletin board. This board is only visible by members of the club (and creators), but otherwise functions like the other boards.
  • There is no need to lock the door, as a hard-coded feature kicks non-members out as soon as they get in. Being kicked out does no harm and it tells you which club rents the house.
  • Every member (even new members) of the club are allowed to access the club house, but no one else. Some rooms may be restricted to elected positions so that others cannot alter its furniture.
  • Only the president or vice-president can bid on behalf of the club when it is on auction.
  • The money for the rent comes from the club account.
  • The club needs to have three (3) separate committee members voted in club positions to keep the the club house, otherwise after 60 days of breach of the housing agreement the club will be evicted.

List of club houses

Location Club renting Comments
AM AM, 22 Esoteric Street RRU
AM AM, 23 Esoteric Street Lodgers
AM AM, 24 Esoteric Street QMA
AM AM, 25 Esoteric Street House of Lords
AM AM, 26 Esoteric Street Faculty
AM AM, 27 Esoteric Street Von Brassbridge Clan
AM AM, 28 Esoteric Street Rogues Has a board.
AM AM, 29 Esoteric Street Dragon's Flock Has a board.
AM AM, 6 Scoone Avenue Taxi
Lancre Gloomy forest, easternmost path,
16 Gloomy Forest
Trade Has a board.
Lancre OC, 6 Quayside Way Stabba Prime Has a board.
Lancre OC, 9 Riverwind Road Teacher
Lancre Lancre, 5 Lancre Street Free Adventurer's Association
Lancre Escrow, 6 Town Square Hoodwinkers
BP BP, Bad Poo-Ning District, 2 Flotsam Way Gits and Shiggles
BP BP, Sum Bing District, 4 Large Clam Street Shonkers
BP BP, Imperial District, 1 Silk Lane Dragon's Flock
BP BP, Hong Fa District, 3 Silver Snake Road Artificers Anonymous
BP BP, Pong Ping District, 1 Snake Parade Von Brassbridge Clan
BP BP, Shoo-Li District, 1d Squid Walk Von Brassbridge Clan

List updated 2020-07-16.

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