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                          Shielders:  Arcane safety for all.

Standard Fare: &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 A$5 for TPA &&&&&&&&&&&+8000 A$20 for full CCC (Partial CCC may be available by request!) New characters up to 18 hours old can request free shielding within fair use limits (roughly once per hour is the benchmark).

Our members will accept payment in any official currency.

You can use the 'rate' command to convert currencies. E.g. 'rate 5 dollars in am to ephebe'

Hire Us Type 'who shielders'. Choose a member who has not identified themselves as off duty and send them a tell with your current location and your requirements. The shielder should come to a safe place of your choice but please do not expect them to hunt you down in the terrains. (If requesting CCC please specify the type you would like. If no type is stated we will assume you want chalk.)

Join Us If you want to join Shielders, send a tell to a recruiter (marked with 'r' in refer Shielders). They will guide you through the application process.

As a minimum requirement we expect max spellcheck results for TPA and CCC and a 250 bonus in Defensive. Members are encouraged to have their defensive bonus listed (methods have minimal impact on the strength of shields after the max spellcheck according to Quow) but we respect the rights of our members to keep this information private.

Max spellcheck bonuses are:

   TPA - evoking 165, air 175, chanting 185, enchanting 180, channeling 210: 
   CCC - earth 190, binding 270

TPA lasts roughly 10s per bonus point of the caster. e.g. 300 bonus should last 3000 seconds (41 minutes)

Customers and Members alike are strongly encouraged to refer our sister club Taxi.