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Club Description

Saddle Sore was founded by Proeliator in Ankh-Morpork.

For all riders of horses and camels, new and experienced. We have help and advice by the bucketload.
Need help finding the perfect mount? We can help!
Need help find specific armour and equipment? We can help!
Need help with your maths homework? We can't help...

'We will include camels as soon as camel mounts are added to the game.'

Club Officers

  • Secretary: Casiphia
  • Vice-president: Persephone
  • President: Proeliator
  • Treasurer: Iskra

Horse Members

Horse Member Breed Colour Gender Manager
Royal Enfield Sto Plains Charger liver chestnut mare Proeliator
Euthymia April foal bay dun mare Persephone
Worthington Copperhead mining pony bay gelding Twiddle
Waffles Munz Charger red roan gelding Pancake
Obsidian Munz Charger black stallion Charon
Bojangles Munz Charger bay stallion Tetraam
Frostbyte Munz Charger grey mare Tempo
Nice Cup Of Tea Chalk Pony blood bay mare Kettlebadger
Drago Munz Charger blood bay stallion Akera
Giddyup Munz Charger black mare Klaz
Ugin Munz Charger black stallion Westley
Kala Masala Munz Charger black stallion Rauna
Móinéar Munz Charger blue roan mare Stamen
Lucile Sto Plains Charger blood bay mare Adame

Member's Wishlist

Member Stuff Wanted
Ebenezer blackened crinet, or damascene peytral