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Club Description

Photo was a club created in Ankh-Morpork by Kayse for iconography.

At the time of writing the club has disbanded.

The following information is historical and no longer current.

Refer Info

Welcome to the Guild of Photographers and Iconographers (Photo for short). This club is for
aspiring, hobby, and professional photographers to discuss tips and tricks for the various
cameras on the Discworld. Also, feel free to discuss amazing photographs that you've managed
to take, helping Theodor Hackeet fill out his album, or the Sights to See challenge. Any
photography discussion is welcome.

The goal is to welcome and teach anyone interested in photography and iconography. It doesn't
matter if you are using a disposable impstomatic you 'found', a high-end Akina TR-10
dual-action camera, or anything else. If you can make a picture, you are welcome to join
this club.

Photography Contest Rules

The club will be hosting a photography contest, a theme will be announced and the best scoring photo submitted during the period. Grand prize is A$1000 (see revision 2 below). Photos will be scored on a 10 point scale based on:

  • Technique (Framing, Brightness, Focus, how difficult/rare the photo was to capture). Baseline is 6/10 if the photo contains the subject clearly, +1 for "crystal clear image full of life" focus. Extra points for rarity/difficulty.
  • Theme (How well or amusingly does the photo match the theme). Baseline is 6/10 for "vaguely matches the theme", 7/10 for fair match, 8/10 for good match, 9/10 for great match and 10/10 is "wow, that matches the theme better than I thought possible")
  • Artistic merit (very subjective, but basically how striking, beautiful or tasteful is it).

In addition to the Grand Prize, there will be second and third place prizes (A$700 and A$300 respectively). Finally, there will be participation prizes worth $100 for those who didn't win the big prizes (while supplies last). (See revision 2).

One entry is allowed per player. You do NOT need to be a member of the Photo Club to enter (but we'd love to have you). If you submit a second photo, it replaces your previous entry. To enter, please deposit your photo for Kayse at the Ankh-Morpork Post Office. Once submitted, entries are property of the club. Entries will NOT be returned, please make a copy of your entry before you submit it, if you'd like to keep a copy. Winning photographs may be displayed, with acknowledgement for the photographer.

Revision 1: You must sign your photos before submitting them, as otherwise it may be tricky to locate the photographer. If I can't figure out who you are, you cannot win, sorry.

Revision 2: After a generous offer from the Ankh-Morpork Daily, the grand prize has been increases to A$1000, a second place prize of A$700 and a third place prize of A$300. Participation prizes (for those who didn't place) remain at A$100, but have been changed from lottery to "while supplies last" (and the supplies have been greatly increased to the first 25).

Photography Contest and Meet up

The first photography contest will accept entries until November 18 18:00:00 2020, to allow time for judging. The contest will have a theme of “Harvest Moon”. Photographers are welcome to focus on either word, both words together or creatively interpret the theme.

The Guild of Photographers and Iconographers invites all to a photography meet up at the Royal Art Museum cafe on November 21 18:00:00 2020 (Server Time). This informal event will allow for all to discuss the art of photography and enjoy the food and drink of the Museum cafe. The winner of the club’s first photography contest will be announced during this event.

First Contest Winners (Harvest Moon)

The third-place winner was Yrsa. The judge particularly enjoyed how the photo captured Lupin the fruitbat in crystal clarity in a cornfield ready for the harvest.

This is a colour iconograph.  It shows a crystal clear image full of life, depicting a cornfield:
This is the edge of a huge corn field.  Miles upon miles of ripe, golden corn stretch out dramatically.  None of the corn here has been trampled, and yet there seem to be vague tracks in one or two directions.  The hedges that line the far side of the field can just about be made out.  Immediately to the west lies a hedge that marks the edge of this side of the field.
Lupin the giant fruitbat is flying.

The second-place winner was BeastEater. The judge enjoyed how BeastEater posed to add a jovial but thematic element for the selfie.

This is a beautiful colour picture of a cabbage fields.  It shows:
In the middle of some cabbage fields.  The fully grown cabbages are ready to be harvested.  The city walls of Nut-Bibh-Khin lie to the southwest, some cabbage fields are to the north, west, northeast and northwest and a road lies to the south and southeast.
BeastEater is standing like a scarecrow.

The first place winner was Lovejoy. The judge highlighted how the scene had been decorated with the addition of moon-daises, lanterns, and moonstones with a moon dragon in the foreground on Moon Pond Lane.

This is a colour iconograph.  It shows a crystal clear image full of life, depicting Moon Pond Lane:
Moon Pond Lane continues to the west and continues to the east.
A dark rose moon dragon is sitting here.
A street lamp is emitting a grimy light here, many bunches of moon-daisies are on the ground and four star-shaped lanterns and three tiny oval-shaped cut moonstones are on the ground.