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Club Description

Cardex stands for 'Card Exchange', it's a place where players who are interested in collecting Creator Collector Cards can go to share, swap, sell and buy cards as well as share information on collecting.

There may be some free Card albums and indexers available as we keep an eye out for them in the T-shop as often as possible. Just ask!


This is a list of the Club's members and the cards they have, the duplicates they are willing to swap, and the cards they are desperately looking for!

You can paste the output of 'view detailed creator list in indexer' from your Voracious card indexer to the Got table to make things easier.

[c] stands for crispy burnt black border, [b] for plain black border, [s] for silver border, [f] for faded gold border and [g] for plain gold border.

[CN] stands for coloured creator name, [RN] stands for rainbow creator name and [RT] stands for full card rainbow text.

Member Got Swap Need
Anisha Acantha [c], Alala [c], Anni [c], Aquilo [f], Arienne [f, fCN], Aristophanes [g], Astrogoth [c, cCN], Bakhtosh [c], Bankshot [c], Boot [c], Candlewhiff [c], Capita [b], Ceres [f], Cerisa [c], Chugabolt [c], Cordwangle [f], Curious [c], Dacrian [b], Danbala [fCN], Drakkos [c], Eboin [c], Elera [c], Essence [c], Etain [f], Evensong [b], Exote [c], Feanor [b, bRT], Feantur [f], Filey [c], Fogbat [cCN], Fran [s], Fro [c], Function [c], Gabriel [c], Gaelen [c], Geisha [c], Gin [fCN], Goldenthread [c], Guildenstern [b], Harri [c], Jeebies [c], Jeremy [fCN], Jian [c], Juvhen [c], Kadath [b, bCN], Kake [s, sCN], Kesira [c], Kiaril [c], Lator [c], Mandarb [c], Miv [f], Mollow [f], Monet [c], Nate [c], Nofear [c], Obilix [f], Olorin [c, cCN], Osore [b], Paladine [c], Pinkfish [f], Pit [gCN], Presto [s], Pso [f], Ptoink [f], Pure [c], Rodion [f], Ruadh [c], Ruse [c], Samara [c], Siel [fCN], Skade [c], Sleeter [c], Solace [c], Starr [f], Sugendran [f], Talge [c], Taniwha [b, bCN, bRN], Tanktop [c], Tasslehoff [cCN], Tavish [c], Thoreksken [f], Thorgal [b], Tique [f], Tiz [c], Trilogy [f], Turvity [f], Vesta [c], Wobin [c, cCN], Woom [s, sCN], Xerya [c]. Lator [c], Feanor [b] x4, Talge [c], Pso [f], Evensong [b] x4, Kadath [b] x3, Dacrian [b] x3, Cordwangle [f], Elera [c] x2, Pinkfish [f], Eboin [c], Guildenstern [b] x3, Capita [b] x4, Rodion [f], Taniwha [b] x3, Bakhtosh [c], Tiz [c], Tavish [c], Cerisa [c], Gnillot [f], Ruse [c], Presto [s]. Any I don't have!