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Clubs give you the following things:

  • Club members can access a special channel for the club, similar to a talker channel, through club badges.
  • People can use "who <club name>" to see the online members of a club. This is useful for service-oriented clubs, or for finding recruiters.
  • An elected club can rent club housing which only members can access, and which can (but does not usually) have a bulletin board.
  • A club can have finger info explaining its purpose. This also shows online members, offline members, and recruiters. For non-secret clubs, this is visible to everyone.
  • The club gets its own bank account, accessible through club control rooms, which members can deposit money into. Fees for maintaining the club are withdrawn from this account.

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Creation and maintenance

Club control rooms can be found in each service area.

In these places, you can perform various club-related functions. Most importantly, this is where you can create and disband clubs, check the balance and deposit money into the accounts of clubs you're in, create announcements and discussion items, and change aspects of clubs (such as whether they're founder controlled or elected, and whether they're secret).

A sign in the AM Palace Club room states:

"Clubs have a few rules and regulations associated with them. They cost A$100 to start. Every quarter of a Discworld year the club costs A$50 plus 25p per member. Each insignia will cost A$1 to be made, and the cost of an insignia is taken from the person requesting the insignia, not the club."

Only recruiters can

If the club goes into remission for 2 pay periods then the club will be disbanded. If the club is not touched for 8 real weeks then the club will be disbanded. A club is considered touched if a member is added or removed, if an election is held or nominations are added, money is deposited into the account.

If the founder of a founder based club leaves the mud or is idle for 8 real weeks then the club will be disbanded.

Clubs default to being founder controlled clubs, this means the founder has all the control of the club. Once a club gets over 10 members it can change to an elected club, and a personal club cannot have more than 30 members. The committee members of an elected club are elected to their positions. A new election will be forced by the Patrician every 2 Discworld years and an election can be forced 1/2 a Discworld year after the last election.

  • Only elected clubs can bid on club housing, the ability for elected persons to change various extra elements of the club and there is a detailed transaction history of their bank changes.
  • An elected club can continue to function after the founder has left the mud.
  • All members can get a detailed transaction history of the account.
  • The treasurer and president can remove money from the bank account by withdrawing or transferring it.
  • Anyone can start a discussion item to remove someone from the club.
  • The president and the vice president can immediately disbar a member from the club.
  • The president and the vice president can add and remove recruiters.
  • The president and secretary can add announcements to the club.

Discussion Items control various features of the club.

  • When a discussion item is completed, the results are mailed to the committee, and posted to the bulletin board if the club has one.
  • A history of all the discussion items in the club will be kept that can be perused to see what has happened in the past.
  • A discussion item is not acted upon unless it has quorum.
  • For a committee-only discussion item 3/4 of the committee (i.e. all those elected to a position in the club) are required to vote.
  • For an open vote 1/2 of the club (so half of all members) are required to vote for it to have quorum.
  • If there is no quorum, the discussion item cannot be passed.

Discussion items can be used to discuss or change different elements of the club.

discuss [open/committee] {description|add position|change position name|memo|secret|public information|remove member|no confidence|remove position|create account|remove account} in <club name>

All members can start the following discussion items to a vote:

  • discuss [open/committee] no confidence in [club] - remove a member from a committee position
  • discuss [open/committee] remove member in [club] - disbar a member from the club, the president and the vice president can do this without a discussion item

Committee members can start the following discussion items to a vote:

  • discuss [open/committee] description in [club] - change the club's description as seen with finger
  • discuss [open/committee] add position in [club] - add a new position to the club
  • discuss [open/committee] change position name in [club] - change the name of a position in the club
  • discuss [open/committee] memo in [club] - general purpose voting tools
  • discuss [open/committee] secret in [club] - make the club secret
  • discuss [open/committee] public information in [club] - change finger info
  • discuss [open/committee] remove position in [club] - remove a position that was added
  • discuss [open/committee] create account in [club] - create a sub account for the club
  • discuss [open/committee] remove account in [club] - remove a sub account for the club

A nomination will be accepted if at least two people have nominated a person and one of those people is the person being nominated. In other words the nomination needs to be seconded. All nominations for positions in the major elections need to be done in the club control room. The commands on your club badges are only for nominating people and voting for people in discussion items, not general elections.

Club badges

Club badges allow you to access the club channel, as well as giving you access to some club functions. You can get a regular one for a club by going to the club room and using the syntax:

replace <number> insignia for <club name>   
replace insignia for <club name> 

They cost &&&&&&&&&&&&+400 $1 and weigh 5 grams.

The syntax is different from talker channels. For example, if you have a club called "Club awesome", then to chat on the channel you would type "club_awesome talk" followed by your message. Similarly, to emote on the channel, you would type "club_awesome emote" followed by your message, and to check the channel history you would type "club_awesome history". Turning the club channel off can be achieved with "club_awesome mute on".

Using "syntax club_awesome" would give you a list of things you can do with your badge.

Apart from club channel things, these functions include:

  • Recruiting
  • Resigning
  • Voting and nomination
  • Reading announcements and discussion items

Club badges can be combined with the witch spell Gammer Tumult's Amalgamator. This makes it so that one badge lets you access functions for multiple clubs.

Club badges can be deluded with the witch spell Delusions of Grandeur.

  • It is possible to combine a deluded badge and non-deluded badge, and have the amalgamated badge retain the deluded name.
  • Warning: This has been shown to work, but it's not entirely clear if it's possible to accidentally lose the deluded badge in the process, see the research page.

Custom badges in various forms (for one club each) can be ordered at the Temple of Cool.

Top Club Table

Usually the club control room will also have a top club table, listing the clubs with most of the below:

You read the top club table:
The club with:
The most members          : Tshop Spotters
The oldest average age    : House of Lords
Most average quest points : House of Lords
Most player killers       : Tshop Spotters
Largest single gender     : AMAC
Oldest start DW time      : Geezers
Most assassins            : Tshop Spotters
Most fools                : Shonkers
Most priests              : Tshop Spotters
Most thieves              : Tshop Spotters
Most warriors             : Tshop Spotters
Most witches              : Tshop Spotters
Most wizards              : Faculty

To get onto the average list the club must have more than 3 members that are not creators.

Updated on 2023-02-27.

List of clubs

See the live list: Current Discworld Clubs

The following is a snapshot of the clubs listed from a club control room.

Note that clubs with unknown number of members are secret clubs.

ABC founded by Tavish with an unknown number of members.
Absolut Svenskt founded by Airk with seventy members.
Administrative Force founded by Llylia with an unknown number of members.
AHL founded by Zagor with three members.
AM Daily founded by Jeanie with one member.
AMAC founded by Starr with an unknown number of members.
Anarchs founded by Nines with eleven members.
Artificers Anonymous founded by Camelion with ninety-eight members.
Bastard Creators from Hell founded by Rhinehold with eighteen members.
beer founded by Olium with an unknown number of members.
BeneluX founded by Taishar with one hundred and twenty-five members.
black_ops founded by Martinez with an unknown number of members.
black_widows founded by Iohannes with thirty-four members.
Boardgames founded by Klawdees with forty-four members.
bRain founded by Wizkid with an unknown number of members.
Cam founded by Dasquian with twelve members.
cares founded by Vyre with one member.
Charm Chasers founded by Persephone with fifty-three members.
Club_Casaubon founded by Lune with seventeen members.
Council of Seers founded by Jensang with forty-nine members.
crime founded by Dacrian with two members.
ctf founded by Yase with forty-seven members.
CWC Outcasts founded by Maulkin with an unknown number of members.
DAHLOOKAHS founded by Talven with eighteen members.
Demonologists founded by Mancow with thirty-one members.
Dragon's Flock founded by Emily with an unknown number of members.
emporium germanicum founded by Eisschrube with fifty-two members.
Entomologists founded by Kaketest with an unknown number of members.
Faculty founded by Griffin with two hundred and eighty-eight members.
Fence founded by Smeogan with one member.
Firaxis founded by Drakkos with three members.
Free Adventurer's Association founded by Mattias with twenty-three members.
Ganel's Girls founded by Ganel with an unknown number of members.
Geezers founded by Moody with thirty-one members.
Gits and Shiggles founded by Dtrain with an unknown number of members.
Godfathers founded by Calosal with twenty-two members.
HAGS founded by Nefret with thirty-three members.
hardworking cres founded by Pit with an unknown number of members.
Hoodwinkers founded by Evox with fifty members.
House of Lords founded by Exote with unknown number of members.
inertia founded by Keita with sixty-four members.
Kaizen founded by Azaroth with an unknown number of members.
KCC founded by Ptenisnet with ninety-seven members.
KGB founded by Penguin with an unknown number of members.
Kimori Clan founded by Taiki with sixteen members.
Klatchian_Wizards founded by Ochrion with eleven members.
Lodgers founded by Aiwendil with one hundred and fifty-four members.
LReaux founded by Aimi with an unknown number of members.
Midnight founded by Haug with seventy-nine members.
MLFH founded by Pit with an unknown number of members.
Muses founded by Shabree with three members.
NancyBoysAnonymous founded by Mandarb with an unknown number of members.
niceties founded by Epic with an unknown number of members.
Nil mortifi sine lucre founded by Malcom with an unknown number of members.
nullspace founded by The Surgeon General with eighteen members.
oldschool founded by Dare with seven members.
Peasant Parade Literature Society founded by Samtheman with an unknown number of members.
playerhelpers founded by Mancow with forty-five members.
Politics founded by Rhinehold with four members.
QMA founded by Henrey with eighty-nine members.
Rainbows founded by Tariki with an unknown number of members.
Robin Hood founded by Kasimir with seventy-one members.
Rogues founded by Kreed with an unknown number of members.
RRU founded by Thalasso with two hundred and forty members.
Saddle Sore founded by Proeliator with twenty-one members.
Sages of Circle founded by Elanor with eighty-five members.
SAS founded by Starr with an unknown number of members.
SB founded by Andrei with an unknown number of members.
SBTC founded by Ploosk with two members.
Scallywags founded by Gracie with an unknown number of members.
Seamonsters founded by Meiso with an unknown number of members.
Seamstresses founded by Carlota with thirty-three members.
Shelox Hunters founded by Mattias with ten members.
Shielders founded by Mirodar with eighteen members.
Shonkers founded by Kimo with one hundred and ninety-four members.
shopkeep founded by Pipien with sixty-one members.
Silver Stars founded by Aerk with thirty-six members.
Singapore Sling founded by Pazuzu with three members.
SMACdown founded by Shrike with four members.
Smugglers Den founded by Rakah with nineteen members.
Society Concerning Arm Multiplicity founded by Polycheria with three members.
Stab through the EYES founded by Taffyd with one member.
stabba_prime founded by Navbug with an unknown number of members.
Swordsmith Construction Ltd founded by Drakkos with an unknown number of members.
Taxi founded by Mordred with one hundred and sixty-eight members.
Teacher founded by Murky with one hundred and seventy-seven members.
tgs founded by Elistan with eight members.
The GUY channel founded by Dasquian with four members.
The Last Wizards founded by Kilstrin with seventeen members.
The Order of the Night Light founded by Arwyn with an unknown number of members.
The Pugilist Society founded by Charon with eleven members.
The Uberwaldean Alliance founded by Gilaed with eight members.
The Unsinkables founded by Sylfver with one hundred and nineteen members.
Torn founded by Lexx with an unknown number of members.
Trade founded by Asaram with two hundred and thirty-one members.
Tshop Spotters founded by Estimate with seven hundred and fourteen members.
Tu Felix Austria founded by Dweezz with an unknown number of members.
Turtle Sports founded by Celes with six members.
Uberwalds founded by Aeson with two members.
Viper House founded by Sleffie with thirty-six members.
Von Brassbridge Clan founded by Appelhof with one hundred and eight members.
WAF founded by Queenmab with thirty members.
Warriors Guild Creators founded by Rhinehold with an unknown number of members.
Witch Life Fund founded by Elspeth with nine members.
xOr founded by Starr with an unknown number of members.

Updated on 2023-02-27.

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