Climbing footwear effects

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Wearing climbing objects changes several bonuses, but the amount of the changes seem to vary based on stats.

Climbing shoes provide the following boosts and penalties to a player's climbing bonuses when worn:

Skill Change type Bonus change
adventuring.movement.climbing.tree raise 8 + floor( (dexterity + strength)/2 )
adventuring.movement.climbing.rock raise 25 + floor( (dexterity + strength)/2 )
covert.stealth.inside drop floor(dexterity / 3) - 25
covert.stealth.outside drop floor(dexterity / 3) - 25
covert.hiding.person drop floor(dexterity / 3) - 25

The stats used to calculate the bonus changes are capped by your unmodified stats, i.e. only overall negative stat effects are taken into account.