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Pottery is a craft activity that allows players to make a range of ceramic items in a pottery. To create an item, clay is first thrown and moulded on the wheel into an item. The items can then be stained with patterns and glazed, before being fired in a kiln to finish the product.

Craftable pottery includes plates, bowls, vases and smoke bomb canisters. Some items are special to the workshop in which they are formed and can't be moulded anywhere else.

Where and What

Potteries can be made and purchased in numerous locations, such as:

Clay is required for each attempt at making an item, it is consumed upon failure of either throwing or shaping. Clay can often be found via searching, or purchased.

You will need to speak the language of the area to use the specific color of glaze you wish to.

Available options

Possible items, glazes and staining patterns vary based on the pottery table available - it is possible to create an item at one location, stain it at another and glaze it at yet another...

"Syntax mould", "syntax stain", and "syntax glaze" will give you lists of the available items, stain patterns and colours, and glaze colours you can get for any particular spot.

List of things you can "mould" on the different wheels  
Item Type Location
amphora vase vase Chronides farmstead
arranging vase vase Ninja guild
bowl bowl Royal Market, Ninja guild, Zaxiteles
cabbage bowl bowl Royal Market
cabbage jug jug Royal Market
cabbage mug mug Royal Market
cabbage plate plate Royal Market
cabbage saucer saucer Royal Market
cabbage teacup cup Royal Market
cabbage teapot teapot Royal Market
cockatrice teapot teapot Zaxiteles
cockatrice mug mug Zaxiteles
cow jug jug Royal Market, Zaxiteles
cow mug mug Royal Market, Zaxiteles
cow saucer saucer Royal Market
cow teacup cup Royal Market
cow teapot teapot Royal Market
dragon mug mug Royal Market
dragon teapot teapot Royal Market
Ephebian bowl bowl Chronides farmstead
Ephebian pot pot Chronides farmstead
fruit bowl bowl Cockbill street
ginger jar jar Sung estate
hollow ball other all except Sung estate
hollow tube other all except Zaxiteles
hydria vase vase Chronides farmstead
ink well other Cockbill street, Sung estate, Ninja guild
jug jug Royal Market
kylix cup cup Chronides farmstead
large amphora amphora Zaxiteles
large pot pot Cockbill street
medium amphora amphora Zaxiteles
milk jug jug Cockbill Street
mug mug Royal Market, Zaxiteles
oinochoe jug jug Chronides farmstead
olpe jug jug Chronides farmstead
ornate bowl bowl Sung estate
oval plate vase Cockbill street
pelike vase vase Chronides farmstead
penguin mug mug Zaxiteles
plate plate Cockbill street, Royal Market, Zaxiteles
pot pot Ninja guild
pyxis vessel Chronides farmstead
rice bowl bowl Sung estate
round standing vase vase Cockbill street
sake cup cup Sung Estate
sake jug jug Sung estate
saucer saucer Cockbill street, Royal Market
small amphora amphora Zaxiteles
small bowl bowl Cockbill street
small pot pot Cockbill street
square standing vase vase Cockbill street
standing amphora amphora Hashishim caves
standing vase vase Ninja guild
statue of a peacock decorative Sung estate
sugar basin bowl Cockbill Street
Sung vase vase Sung estate
tea bowl bowl Sung estate
teacup cup Cockbill street, Royal Market, Sung estate, Chronides farmstead, Ninja Guild
tea pot pot Hashishim caves
teapot teapot Cockbill street, Royal Market, Sung estate
tiny bowl bowl Zaxiteles
urn urn Hashishim caves
wall fan decorative Sung estate
wall plate decorative Ninja guild
List of patterns you can "stain" items with  
Pattern Location
Agatean dragon Sung estate
animal frieze Chronides farmstead
Apocralypse Sung estate
Auriental style story Chronides farmstead
bamboo Ninja guild
bamboo branches Sung estate
blossom Royal Market, Ninja guild
butterflies Sung estate
butterfly Ninja guild
cabbage Cockbill street, Royal Market
cherry blossom Sung estate
cheshire cat Royal Market
crane Sung estate, Ninja guild
decorative frieze Chronides farmstead
diamond Royal Market, Zaxiteles
dollar Cockbill street
dolphins Zaxiteles
dragon Ninja guild
falling leaves Sung estate
feathers Sung estate
geisha silhouette Sung estate
geometric border Chronides farmstead
grasshopper Ninja guild
hasheesh Hashishim caves
hummingbirds Sung estate
kitsune fox Sung estate
koi carp Sung estate
landscape Sung estate
leaf Royal Market
lotus Ninja guild
lotus blossom Sung estate
nobles Sung estate
pagoda Sung estate
palm Hashishim caves
panda Sung estate
red-figure style story Chronides farmstead
ring Cockbill street, Royal Market, Ninja guild, Zaxiteles
rose Hashishim caves
samurai silhouette Sung estate
seagull Zaxiteles
seashell Zaxiteles
serpent Ninja guild
simple border Chronides farmstead
snarling tiger Sung estate
snowflakes Sung estate
spot Cockbill street, Royal Market, Ninja guild, Zaxiteles
square Royal Market, Zaxiteles
star Cockbill street, Ninja guild
starfish Zaxiteles
stripe Cockbill street, Royal Market, Ninja guild, Zaxiteles
sun Hashishim caves
thorn Royal Market
tiger Ninja guild
turtle Ninja guild
water buffalo Sung estate
water lily Sung estate
wave Zaxiteles
waves Sung estate
white-figure style story Chronides farmstead
white-ground style story Chronides farmstead
willow tree Sung estate
wreath Chronides farmstead

Finally, these are the different colours you can stain and glaze items with. Each place has the same colours available for glazes as it does for stains, with the following exceptions: the Chronides farmstead has clear stain, but not glaze, and the ninja guild has clear glaze, but not stain.

Glazing appears to be easier on smaller items, and more difficult on larger ones. (help appraise)

List of colours you can "stain" and "glaze" items with  
Colour Location
abalone green Zaxiteles
amber Cockbill street
amethyst Cockbill street
apple green Sung estate
apple red Royal Market
apple white Cockbill street
aquamarine Sung estate
aubergine Sung estate
azure Cockbill street, Sung estate
banana yellow Royal Market
basilisk green Zaxiteles
battlefield crimson Cockbill street
beige Royal Market
black all
blackberry Cockbill street
blood red Cockbill street, Sung estate
blue Royal Market, Ninja guild, Zaxiteles
blue-black Royal Market, Zaxiteles
blueberry blue Royal Market
bright blue Cockbill street
bright green Cockbill street
bright orange Cockbill street
bright red Cockbill street
bright yellow Cockbill street, Royal Market, Zaxiteles
bronze Cockbill street, Zaxiteles
brown Chronides farmstead, Royal Market, Ninja guild, Hashishim caves
burgundy Cockbill street
burnt brown Zaxiteles
burnt orange Zaxiteles
burnt sienna Sung estate
burnt white Zaxiteles
buttercup yellow Sung estate
cabbage green Royal Market
carrot orange Royal Market
chartreuse Cockbill street
cherry blossom pink Sung estate
chestnut brown Cockbill street
cinnamon Cockbill street
clear Chronides farmstead
clouded grey Cockbill street
coal black Zaxiteles
cobalt Ninja guild
cobalt blue Cockbill street, Sung estate
cochineal Cockbill street
cockatrice purple Zaxiteles
copper Cockbill street
cornflower blue Cockbill street, Sung estate
cream Cockbill street, Sung estate, Royal Market, Zaxiteles
creamy brown Zaxiteles
crimson Sung estate
cyan Sung estate, Ninja guild
dark amber Sung estate
dark blue Cockbill street, Royal Market, Zaxiteles
dark green Cockbill street, Royal Market, Zaxiteles, Hashishim caves
dark lavender Cockbill street, Sung estate
dark oak Sung estate
dark orange Cockbill street, Hashishim caves
dark purple Sung estate, Royal Market, Zaxiteles
dark red Cockbill street, Royal Market, Zaxiteles, Hashishim caves
dark silver Cockbill street
dark tan Zaxiteles
dark yellow Royal Market, Zaxiteles, Hashishim caves
dingy brown Royal Market, Zaxiteles
deep amethyst Zaxiteles
deep grape crimson Zaxiteles
deep green Zaxiteles
deep turquoise Zaxiteles
dolphin grey Zaxiteles
down white Sung estate
ebony Sung estate
eggshell blue Cockbill street
Fang grey Sung estate
firebrick red Sung estate
forest green Cockbill street, Sung estate
fuchsia Cockbill street
garlic purple Zaxiteles
Genuan bleen Cockbill street
Genuan blue Cockbill street
girly pink Royal Market
gleaming white Zaxiteles
gold Chronides farmstead, Cockbill street, Sung estate
gold brown Royal Market, Zaxiteles
golden brown Sung estate
grape-gold Zaxiteles
grape-green Zaxiteles
grape purple Zaxiteles
green Royal Market, Ninja guild, Zaxiteles, Hashishim caves
green blue Zaxiteles
grey Royal Market, Ninja guild, Zaxiteles, Hashishim caves
Hong red Sung estate
hot pink Sung estate
hot-lips red Royal Market
indigo Cockbill street, Sung estate, Ninja guild, Hashishim caves
ivory Cockbill street, Sung estate
jade green Sung estate
jet black Sung estate
lavender Cockbill street
lavender rose Sung estate
lemon yellow Cockbill street, Sung estate
light amber Sung estate
light bamboo Sung estate
light blue Royal Market, Zaxiteles
light brown Sung estate
light green Cockbill street
light tan Sung estate
lilac Cockbill street
lime green Sung estate
lioness brown Zaxiteles
marbled white Cockbill street
maroon Cockbill street
mauve Ninja guild
melon green Zaxiteles
McSweeney black Sung estate
midnight black Sung estate
mint green Cockbill street
moon shell brown Zaxiteles
moorland green Sung estate
moss green Sung estate
mother of pearl Sung estate
mother-of-pearl Zaxiteles
mud brown Royal Market, Zaxiteles
muddy green Royal Market, Zaxiteles
navy blue Cockbill street, Royal Market, Zaxiteles
ocean-floor black Zaxiteles
ocean silver Zaxiteles
ochre Cockbill street, Sung estate, Hashishim caves
off-white Cockbill street, Sung estate
olive green Cockbill street, Sung estate
orange Chronides farmstead, Ninja guild, Zaxiteles, Hashishim caves
pale blue Cockbill street, Sung estate
pale chestnut Sung estate
pale gold Sung estate
pale green Cockbill street, Hashishim caves
pale orange Cockbill street
pale primrose yellow Sung estate
pale wine gold Zaxiteles
pale yellow Cockbill street
peach Cockbill street
pine green Royal Market, Zaxiteles
pink Cockbill street, Royal Market, Ninja guild, Zaxiteles
plum Sung estate
purple Cockbill street, Royal Market, Ninja guild, Zaxiteles
Quirmian lavender Cockbill street
raindrop grey Cockbill street
red Chronides farmstead, Royal Market, Ninja guild, Zaxiteles, Hashishim caves
rich blue-green Zaxiteles
rose gold Cockbill street
rose red Cockbill street
salmon-back silver Zaxiteles
salmon pink Royal Market, Zaxiteles
sand yellow Zaxiteles
sandy white Zaxiteles
scarlet Cockbill street, Sung estate
sea green Cockbill street
seashell cream Zaxiteles
seashell pink Zaxiteles
seashell purple Zaxiteles
seashell rose Zaxiteles
seaweed green Zaxiteles
seaweed purple Zaxiteles
sepia Zaxiteles
sienna Sung estate, Hashishim caves
silver Cockbill street, Sung estate
silver-blue Zaxiteles
silvery grey Sung estate
sky-blue Cockbill street
slate grey Cockbill street, Sung estate
squid pink Zaxiteles
snow white Sung estate
speedwell blue Cockbill street
steel blue Royal Market, Zaxiteles
steel grey Sung estate
storm-cloud grey Sung estate
stormy blue Zaxiteles
summer sea blue Zaxiteles
sun-baked red Zaxiteles
sun-kissed crimson Zaxiteles
sun-kissed purple Zaxiteles
Sung blue Sung estate
sunny yellow Zaxiteles
sunshine yellow Royal Market
tacky pink Royal Market
tan Sung estate, Hashishim caves
Tang green Sung estate
terracotta Cockbill street, Zaxiteles
terracotta red Zaxiteles
thistle violet Sung estate
translucent Cockbill street
turquoise Cockbill street, Sung estate
tuvelpit purple Zaxiteles
ultramarine Cockbill street
umber Sung estate
urchin purple Zaxiteles
vermeil Sung estate
violet Cockbill street
wave-tops blue Zaxiteles
wheat yellow Royal Market, Zaxiteles
white all
wine-dark Zaxiteles
wine-gold Zaxiteles
wine-red Zaxiteles
yellow Ninja guild, Zaxiteles

How to make pottery

The process of making pottery pieces looks like:

  • unhold held things
  • throw clay onto wheel
  • mould clay into cow jug on wheel
  • get cow jug from wheel
  • get pottery brush;hold pottery brush
  • stain cow jug with cabbage pattern in cabbage green (if you want a pattern)
  • repeat the stain command until the pattern is finished
  • sign cow jug (if you want to sign it - must be holding a pottery brush)
  • glaze cow jug with cabbage green glaze (if you want glaze; the pink goo changes into glaze in the kiln when ready)
  • put cow jug in rack
  • wait until the pottery looks leathery-hard and dry
  • get cow jug from rack
  • fire cow jug in kiln
  • check items in kiln (until it says an item is ready to come out)
  • get tongs;hold tongs;get cow jug from kiln (without the tongs you hurt yourself and break the pottery)
  • put cow jug in rack (until it's no longer hot)
  • get cow jug from rack

Phew! If you passed all the skill checks the pottery piece should be intact and finished.


Note that if you fail the firing check, your pottery will explode in the kiln. If it does so, it may also destroy any other pottery being fired at the same time. If you are very unlucky, the explosion will also cause minor damage to you in the form of flying pottery shards. It will also explode and destroy all the items in the kiln if you leave them in the kiln for too long.

It takes less than 10 seconds for the pottery to dry/cool down on the rack.

Skills Used

crafts.pottery.forming.throwing (throwing clay onto a pottery wheel)
crafts.pottery.forming.shaping (shaping clay into an item)
crafts.pottery.staining (staining a pattern on an item)
crafts.arts.design (staining a pattern on an item)
crafts.pottery.glazing (applying a glaze to an item)
crafts.pottery.firing (firing an item in a kiln)

crafts.music.instruments.wind (making a clay tube into a flute or flute-blowpipe)
fighting.range.fired (making a clay tube into a blowpipe or flute-blowpipe)
crafts.arts.calligraphy (signing an item)

Help File (help pottery wheel)

Pottery wheel                 Discworld player help                Pottery wheel

     pottery wheel - used to mould pots

     throw <object> onto <wheel>
     mould <object> into {pot type} on <wheel>

     This wheel can be used to mould pottery clay into different types of       
     pots, the type that can be made varies between wheels and can be seen
     with "syntax mould".
     After a pot has been successfully moulded it can be decorated at a
     pottery table, where it can be stained with a pattern and glazed. You
     can also sign your work with a pottery brush and once dry pottery can
     be fired in a kiln.
     The skill crafts.pottery.forming.throwing is used to throw clay onto
     the wheel and crafts.pottery.forming.shaping is used to mould clay
     into shapes. 

     > throw clay onto wheel
     You confidently throw some clay onto the centre of the wheel.
     > mould clay into bowl on wheel
     You expertly set the wheel in motion and start to mould the clay on it.
     You add the finishing touches to the bowl and stop the wheel turning.

See also
     pottery brush, pottery kiln, pottery table, pottery tongs

Help File (help pottery table)

Pottery table                 Discworld player help                Pottery table

     pottery table - used to decorate pots

     stain <object> with [a] {pattern type} [pattern] in {colour}
     glaze <object> with {colour} glaze

     This table can be used to decorate a pot created on a pottery wheel.       
     The patterns, glazes and colours vary between tables and some patterns
     may need more than one application of stain to be completed. You can
     see the patterns and colours available with "syntax stain" and "syntax
     glaze", respectively.
     The skills crafts.pottery.staining and crafts.arts.design are used for
     staining a pattern. The skill crafts.pottery.glazing is used for
     You can also sign your work if you have a pottery brush. 

     > stain bowl with a blossom pattern in pink
     You expertly start to stain a traditional bowl with a pink pattern.
     > glaze bowl with black glaze
     You skillfully start to coat a traditional bowl with some pink goo.

See also
     pottery brush, pottery kiln, pottery tongs, pottery wheel

Help File (help pottery tongs)

Pottery tongs                 Discworld player help                Pottery tongs

     pottery tongs - used to safely remove pottery from a kiln

     hold tongs
     take <object> from <object>

     To remove pottery safely from a kiln, simply hold a pair of pottery        
     tongs and take the desired pot from the kiln. 

See also
     pottery brush, pottery kiln, pottery table, pottery wheel

Help File (help pottery kiln)

Pottery kiln                  Discworld player help                 Pottery kiln

     pottery kiln - used to fire pots

     fire <object> in <object>
     check items in <object>

     This kiln can be used to fire pots.  Firing pots is needed to make         
     pots waterproof and to set glazes.
     The firing process takes between three to eight minutes but a number
     of pots can be fired in the kiln at a time.  If the pots are not dry
     when fired or if they are fired incorrectly they will explode.  The
     skill crafts.pottery.firing is used.
     Pots coming out of the kiln are extremely hot and you will need to be 
     holding a pair of pottery tongs to take them out safely (no extra
     commands are needed).  

     > fire bowl in kiln
     You select a shelf, carefully place a fine bowl in the kiln and adjust the
     air flow.
     > check items in kiln
     You check and see that a traditional black pot is ready to come out.

See also
     pottery brush, pottery table, pottery tongs, pottery wheel

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