Collatrap's Instant Pickling Stick

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Collatrap's Instant Pickling Stick
Spell information
Nickname cips
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
Description Summons a pickling stick.
GP cost 15
Mind space 10
Thaums 2
Components none
Tome Begynners' Magick

Collatrap's Instant Pickling Stick is a miscellaneous wizard spell. It summons forth a wand which can be used to pickle any edible item (such as food or most corpse parts). The number of charges in the wand is determined by the caster's abilities with emphasis on the magic.items.held.wands check.

For other means to preserve, see Pickling.


Items successfully "zap"ped by the wand will be pickled and will not decay.


zap <edible target> with stick


This spell costs 15 GP to cast, and takes up 10 units of mind space.


Spellcheck results
50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:

Casting messages

You sniff the air carefully. 
You think about cured skins and pickled eyeballs. 
You close your eyes and think of wands. 
You spin slowly to the floor. 
Suddenly, a small stick appears in your hands. It pulses with energy.
Smoke starts pouring from your hands! 
You cough and gag on the smoke. 
The smoke clears. 
To others
Master Zaz Zahir sniffs the air carefully.
Master Zaz Zahir stands dead still for a bit, looking blank.
Master Zaz Zahir closes his eyes and looks long and hard.
Master Zaz Zahir spins around slowly and curls up on the floor.
Master Zaz Zahir looks slightly confused as to how he ended up carrying a small stick.

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