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Klatchian Farmsteads by Kefka

The Chronides farmstead is located just south of Ephebe, in easy walking distance from Djelibeybi.


The following NPCs are to be found at the Chronides farmstead:

  • Gus Chronides and Adeipho Chronides move around inside and outside the main building. When they are outside they can serve as fly-to for witches.
  • Rhea Chronides and Koren Chronides reside in the women's quarters.
  • Farmers and traders that sell local vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, garlic) or clothes.
  • Various servants and slaves.


The following facilities are available at the farmstead:

  • A fruit and vegetable shop sells, additionally to the obvious, red clay for pottery.
  • In the pottery workshop there are a wheel, a table with stains and glazes, a bench for drying pottery and a kiln.
  • A refreshment stand sells alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.
  • In the women's quarters there are baskets of wool, spindles for spinning and a loom for weaving. During the day, men will be thrown out of this room if Rhea is present. However, men may remain in the room if only Koren is the only occupant (i.e, Rhea is dead). Alternately, men can enter it freely at night when the inhabitants have gone to sleep elsewhere.
    • It is possible to try to "weave cloth on loom".
    • Searching the basket can yield a clump of wool that can be used to "spin wool with spindle". This reportedly can produce grey woollen thread.
  • In the kitchen there is a hearth that can be used for brewing tea, and mortar and pestle to grind herbs.
  • There is a well in the southwest corner of the courtyard as well as an ivy plant.
  • A water reservoir (3 gallons) is located under the shrine.


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