Chitons exomises and himations for quilting blocks

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This is the list of chitons, exomises, and himations that can be torn up for quilting blocks. The expanded, combined list of all clothes collected so far can be found at List of quilting block clothes.

Most of these items have randomized descriptions and materials, and come in cotton, linen, silk, and wool (with the wool ones not being tearable). Two items can have the same short description, but give different blocks.

The wool ones can't be torn.

Clothing Item[1] Number of Blocks[2] Material Short Description[3] Expanded Description[4]
<colour> chiton 5 Varies <Colour> <Colour>
<colour> himation 6 Varies <Colour> <Colour>
<colour> long-sided chiton 5 Varies <Colour> <Colour>
<colour> tasselled himation 6 Varies <Colour> <Colour>
<shade> <colour> exomis 3 Varies <Colour> <Colour>
<style> <colour> buttoned chiton 5 Varies <Colour> <Colour>
<style> <colour> double-girded chiton 5 Varies <Colour> <Colour>
<style> <colour> embroidered chiton[5] 3 Varies <Colour> <Colour>
<style> silver embroidered chiton 5 Varies Silver Silver
<style> <colour> himation[6] 6 Varies <Colour> <Colour>
<style> blue himation or blue <fabric> himation[7] 6 Varies <Colour> <Colour>
<style> himation 6 Varies <Colour> <Colour>
Chocolate brown chiton 5 Linen Chocolate brown Chocolate brown
Cobalt blue chiton 5 Linen Cobalt blue Cobalt blue
Dusty green chiton 5 Linen Dusty green Dusty green
Flame coloured chiton 5 Linen Orange Linen dyed with a flame pattern
Flowing himation 4 Linen Yellow Yellow
Olive green exomis 3 Cotton Olive green Olive green
Pebble grey chiton 5 Linen Pebble grey Pebble grey
Sheer sky-blue chiton 5 Linen Sky-blue Sky-blue
Short <colour> chiton 3 Varies <Colour> <Colour>[8]
Short <colour> chiton 3 Linen <Colour> <Colour>[9]
Silver himation 6 Linen Silver Silver
Silver-grey double-girded chiton 5 Silk Silver-grey Silver-grey
Simple red himation 6 Linen Red Red
Simple white himation 6 Linen White White
Slate grey chiton 5 Linen Slate grey Slate grey
Stained and crumpled himation 6 Linen White Stained white
Thistle green chiton 5 Linen Thistle green Thistle green
Wheat yellow chiton 5 Linen Wheat yellow Wheat yellow


  1. See Kefka's Item Database for details where to find items
  2. Exact number of blocks can vary somewhat, according to damage and possibly some other factor. Number should be what you usually get from a fully-mended item.
  3. Color seen in inventory
  4. Color seen when block or applique examined
  5. Has the description: "This is a <style> chiton in a <description> <colour> <fabric>. It is embroidered with a simple pattern of <pattern> along its trim. It's worn without an overfold but belted at the waist and pinned at both shoulders with simple clasps. It reaches to the knees, making it a very practical piece of clothing to work in."
  6. Has the description: This is a <style> <colour> <fabric> himation. It is designed to wrap around the wearer's waist before hanging loosely from the left shoulder exposing whatever is worn (or not worn) below it. The hem has an embroidered band of <pattern> patterned along its whole length. It is nothing but truly <style>.
  7. Note: Descriptions say blue, but they tear up into different colours. Has the description: "This <style> himation has been carefully dyed a pleasant shade of blue and decorated with tiny blue <pattern> in a solid band along the hemline. Draped from just one shoulder, the fabric flows nicely over the body and could also cover the head like a veil."
  8. This <style> <shade> <colour> chiton is made of a coarse <fabric>. It's worn pinned at two shoulders, without sleeves, but with a belt so that it hangs down only to the thighs. A pattern of black <pattern> decorates the fabric.
  9. A simple square of fine linen, soft and loose, drapes gently around the body, fastening at the shoulders with an array of small silver pins. Traditionally worn with a girdle to gather it in at the waist, the linen falls in soft folds across the wearer's shoulders, and reaches to mid-thigh.