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Chicken feathers, specially, are used in Memories of a Vicious Chicken.

Strangely - well, at least one person had had trouble finding live chickens. (Or eggs that aren't already fried.) And that butchers' in AM sells 'em pre-plucked. However, we have some rumours:

  • Kill jungle cocks and jungle hens in the jungle--these give chicken feathers.
  • Check Bleak Prospect, Lancre Town, or Dinky. (This goes faster if you can Pragi.) You can get a body feather, two wing feathers, and a tail feather from each chicken. (Don't ask why birds only have four feathers; humans only have one rib.)
  • Get a pet chicken(!); there's a pet shop in Ankh-Morpork. You can pluck the chicken every 5 minutes.
  • Chickens can sometimes be found at the Chronides Farmstead