Ceremonial chainmail robe

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Ceremonial chainmail robe
Armour information
Precise dimensions 4 2/12 x 1 8/12
Material Klatchian steel
Weight 20
Thaums/sec 25 stable / 32 talisman / 50 max
Covers abdomen arms back chest legs
Layer(s) hauberk
 To hit Chance of hitting the areas covered by this armour when not focusing on anything in a fight between a human-sized attacker and a human defender.  73.3 %
Base AC
Vs sharp 12 - 15 poor
Vs pierce 8 - 11 pretty poor
Vs blunt 8 - 11 pretty poor
AC enchanted up to 50% (25 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 43 - 48 poor
Vs blunt 37 - 42 pretty poor
Vs pierce 37 - 42 pretty poor
AC enchanted up to 65% (32 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 52 - 57 poor
Vs blunt 45 - 50 pretty poor
Vs pierce 45 - 50 pretty poor
AC enchanted to max (50 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 74 - 80 poor
Vs blunt 66 - 72 pretty poor
Vs pierce 66 - 72 pretty poor

Long Description

This is a ceremonial robe, hand-forged by a faithful follower of Chefet. Each member of the dog-headed god's priesthood forges their own lightweight robe from an alloy of klatchian steel and gold and must wear it at all times when going about their official duties. Like most of these robes, the actual practicality of armour has been sacrificed in favour of making it as light as possible; a smart move for a garment that must be worn for up to 18 hours a day.

Appraises As

The ceremonial chainmail robe is about four feet long and about a foot and a half wide. It is made of klatchian steel and could be worn as armour.


Temple of Chefet in Ephebe or priests of Chefet.