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I have some issues with and reservations about this page:

  1. Spell abbreviations ... wizard spells - witches have spells and use abbreviations as well. "Spells" includes both witch and wizard spells. Either it's "Wizard spell abbreviations" or it includes witch spells as well!
  2. Do we even want to create categories for redirect pages? The listed pages are invariably redirects to the full spell name.
  3. If we do need a category that is just a list of redirects, can we try at least to have some consistency as to whether we use upper case abbreviations. I see, for example, TPA and Tpa.

Zexium 13:17, 21 June 2012 (UTC)

I'm not sure if we need the category, but I suppose it's nice to check the abbreviations already entered. Assuming that they're all there... which might not be the case.

I agree that it could include abbreviations for both spells by wizards and witches (or that they could go in sub-categories), but witch spells abbreviations are less consistently the same, possibly due to the difference with scrolls, magic crystals are known by colours or effect and only work with a few spells.

For example Mother Feelbright's Busy Bees is commonly referred to as beesarg, beesargh or even just bees or by initials mfbb.

Anyway I'm not against putting the witch spells abbreviations in a category if someone is willing to check the redirects in the "What links here" for the spell pages or even just the initials.

As for the case, I was under the mistaken impression that entering tpa would not match TPA if the other one was missing or TPA matching tpa... Except that it does seem to just work.

Unfortunately, the links to the lower case name does not redirect to the upper case name so all links need to be fixed to use the other case, for example Wizard spell nicknames page lists them all as lowercase...

So we should agree whether to keep lower case or upper case abbreviations and we'd need to fix all the links to the ones to be removed.

--Frazyl 18:55, 21 June 2012 (UTC)