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Should there be an "Alteration" (tentative name) sub-category for spells/commands to modify objects?

Pages that could go in it:

The pages in Category:Crafts are mostly either about making new objects or modifying objects.

Might use a category to commands to bring condition back towards excellent: Fix, Repair, Needlework, Leatherwork...

Anyway just some thoughts. --Frazyl 07:05, 28 March 2011 (UTC)

Hmmmm, maybe. I was going to say Category:Crafts could go in there, but on inspection it also has stuff like bandage and track and the different mending commands that aren't really about... er... crafting things... so much. Maybe we should separate that out into Crafts commands (I see we already have that as a category, so...) and Crafts (or maybe arts and crafts? I feel like whatever it is, it should be something that Music can go into).
But then there are also a few pages that are about making things, but you don't have much choice in what you can make, like clockwork constructs, distilling, candle making, sandcastles, and weave. You don't get to choose any of the object's attributes, that's it. So they clearly fit under a general "making things" umbrella, but not really under a "customization" umbrella.
Yes, grouping those pages together would be a good idea... maybe Category:Restoration? Or fixing, I guess, although I don't really like the idea of it having too similar a name to an actual command.
--Ilde 21:18, 28 March 2011 (UTC)
Mmmm. Well when making those things you still have some choices: in clockwork constructs you decide what to build, in distilling you get different liquids depending on the recipe, in candle making you can add ink to colour it...
Sandcastles don't make "real" objects, but it gets better with more skills.
Weave doesn't seem to do much, haven't tried myself.
I suppose they might fit more in something like Object crafting but then there's those made by npcs and those you make yourself. The biggest distinction I guess is with the methods to modify existing objects.
Restoration sounds fine, making the items as whole as they ever were.
--Frazyl 21:46, 28 March 2011 (UTC)
Oh, you're right, I forgot about using ink in candle-making. I guess that counts as customization, then. What I meant was that with the clockwork constructs and distilling, while you can choose among different items to make, there aren't any choices other than the top-level one of "what type of thing am I going to make"--like if you make some scumble and I make some scumble, there's nothing that would make mine different from yours (that I know of). (Weave was the same when I tried it--you just end up with a red and white woven cloth, you can't use different kinds of wool or anything.) Whereas with, say, woodworking, for the same item you can choose the type of wood, colour of ink to stain it with (or none), and type of wax to polish it with (or none). So you can make the same basic thing, but intentionally change little details about it as part of the process.
Gathering together the object crafting pages might work... maybe Item crafting instead? Item making? It could have Thousand Dancing Celestial Fates and Gillimer's Ring of Temperate Weather (That one seems more like creating a new item rather than altering an existing one to me, just because the end product both looks completely different and has a different function), too, although I guess if we start down that road we might end up with every spell that makes something in there--funnels and so on--which doesn't seem quite... ideal. And maybe... Item customization for things like embroidery, engraving, deluding. Something that doesn't encompass fixing, etc.--I think those are separate enough concepts to not put them together.
...Oh, boo, I forgot there was also a ritual called Restore. :S Maybe that's not such a good name. I guess Fixing could be okay... since it would be a category there probably wouldn't be any real confusion.
--Ilde 01:20, 29 March 2011 (UTC)