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What Where Lick
Bench North end of Short Street outside the Mended Drum You bend down and lick the filthy wooden bench. The flavour is indescribable - unless, that is, you're one of those strange people who go around licking things that other people have urinated on, in which case it tastes exactly like
the wall of the toilet inside the Drum.
Wall Toilets of the Mended Drum
cubicle in the toilets of the Mended Drum
You stand in front of the wall and close your eyes.

You extend your tongue and hungrily lick the scum encrusted surface of the wall, wincing and pulling back as the taste of the aged scum hits your taste buds.
Note: Adds a short effect that causes vomiting, and loss of health.

Liquid Short street (5 south from the Mended Drum) That wasn't a wise move. The liquid tastes bitter, rancid and entirely revolting, but more than anything it tastes of thousands upon millions of hideous bacteria.

Note: Adds a short effect that causes vomiting, and loss of health.
Note: Does not respond to 'lick', responds to 'taste'.

Octiron Door Thella's vault Your tongue is frozen to the door! Ouch! Maybe you can loosen it by trying to move.

You stick your tongue to the frozen door. Ouchie!

Note: When trying to move rooms:
Your tongue is frozen to the door! Maybe if you keep trying you'll loosen it a bit. (loss of health)
You can finally pull away from the door.

Salty Sailor Ephebe Mmmmm, salt!
A very long sausage Hogswatch Tree Drop You lick the very long sausage around its substantial girth.

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