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All the carriage routes inside AM by Unslidge.
Featuring all the inter-city carriage routes on an easy-to-read map by Unslidge.

Carriages are a free, though slow, type of transportation. Every carriage stop has a wooden pole with a coloured note for every carriage that stops there, listing the stops for that route.

Using a carriage is simple: just go to a carriage stop, then enter carriage when it arrives. Some routes  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore.  allow players to plan ahead and leave carriage at [stop], though most require one to play it by ear and leave carriage in real-time.

Inter-city routes

Intercontinental Express carriage

The Intercontinental Express goes from Djelibeybi on the Avenue of the Pharaohs, to Ankh-Morpork in the Isle of Gods, to Sto Lat in the market square, to Lancre Town, to Genua at its gate, and back again.

Djelibeybi Caravan

The Djelibeybi Caravan goes from Tsort, to the Klatchian Foreign Legion outpost, to Djelibeybi on the Avenue of the Pharaohs, to Ephebe (near the Chronides farmstead), to Il Drim, to Kom, to the Istanzia River and back again.

El Kinte Caravan

The El Kinte Caravan goes from Al'Znufir, to El Harib, to the Lower Djel Trading Post, to Djelibeybi on the Avenue of the Pharaohs, to Al Khali, to Tacticum, to Kintessa, and back again.

Istanzia River carriage

The Istanzia River carriage goes from the Istanzia River, to the Flink Peninsula, to Smarl, to Tulip, to Chirm, to Ankh-Morpork's Onion Gate and back again, by a rather convoluted route which involves doubling back on itself before reaching AM. Usually there are two carriages, one heading in either direction; make sure you have the right one. It can pay to get out and change at Smarl if you find your carriage backtracking.

Coast carriage

The Coast carriage goes from Ankh-Morpork's Traitors Gate, to Holy Wood, to Quirm, to Pseudopolis, to Kelynek and back again.

Smarl River carriage

The Smarl River carriage goes from Smarl, to Kynance, to a farming settlement, to Lostwithiel, to Goverek, to Vanderfort Bridge, to the Smarl River Road and Skund South road intersection, to the Smarl River Road and Borogravia Road intersection, to the Smarl River Road and Kings Road intersection, to the Temple of Cool and back again.

Ankh River Road carriage

The Ankh River Road carriage goes from Ankh-Morpork's Least Gate, to Sto Lat in the market square, to Sto Helit, to Sto Kerrig, to the Ankh Road and Sea Grass Road intersection, to Dinky, to Scrogden, to the Flat Bridge, to Bleak Prospect, to Carrack Mountains West, to Egret, to Carrack Mountains East, to Rham Nitz and back again.

Mail carriage

The mail carriage stops at the post offices in Ankh-Morpork, Sto Lat, Sheepridge, Nowhere, Ohulan-Cutash, Brass Neck, Bad Ass, Lancre Town and Escrow from where it returns directly to Ankh-Morpork.

Ramtops carriage

The Ramtops carriage goes from Rham Nitz to Ohulan Cutash to Mad Stoat and back again.

Lancre Kingdom carriage

The Lancre Kingdom carriage goes from Mad Stoat, to Brass Neck, to Bad Ass, to Razorback, to Slice, to Razorback again, to Creel Springs, to Mad Wolf, to Blackglass, to Creel Springs again, to Lancre Town, and back to Mad Stoat.

Uberwald carriage

The Uberwald carriage goes from Blackglass, to the Smarl River Road and Kings Road intersection, to the Uberwald Road and Kings Road intersection, to Escrow, to the Unnamed Town, to Escrow again, to Bonk, and back again.

Borogravia carriage

The Borogravia carriage goes from Plun, to Bluntz, to the Uberwald Road and Borogravia Road intersection, to Escrow and back again.

Vieux River Road carriage

The Vieux River Road carriage goes from Escrow, to Bonk, to the Jeune Bridge, to the Vieux River Road and Koom River Road intersection, to Bois, to Genua at its gate, and back again.

Steppes carriage

The Steppes carriage goes from Escrow, to Koom Gorge, to Fiddlyfjord (near the Hublandish Barbarians winter camp), to Chuckunfjord, to NoThingfjord, to Slartifjord, to Vortexfjord, to Helfjord, to Jetifjord, and back to Helfjord, Fiddlyfjord, Koom Gorge, and finally Escrow.

Mountain carriage

The Mountain carriage goes from Brass Neck, to the Listeners' Valley, to the Temple of the Listening Monks, to the Listeners' Valley again, to Pine Dressers, to Oolskunrahod, to Pine Dressers again, and back to Brass Neck.

Ankh-Morpork routes

Gates carriage

The Gates carriage goes clockwise around the city, stopping at every gate and at the East Ankh Ferry stop on the north side of the river.

Broadway carriage

The Broadway carriage goes back and forth between the Rimwards Gate and the Hubwards Gate, stopping at Hide Park, just southeast of the Pishe Waterpark, the Isle of Gods, the Brass Bridge, the southwest corner of the Maul, and the east end of the Street of Cunning Artificers in between.

Commuter carriage

The Commuter carriage goes around the city, from the Isle of Gods outside the Watch house, to the east end of Moon Pond Lane, to near the Least Gate, to where Endless Street enters the west side of the Tump, to the intersection of Endless Street and Fast Lane, to Myrtle Street where it meets Nonesuch Street, to the middle of Elm Street, to the south part of Cheesemongers Yard, to Kickleberry Street north of Limping Gate, to halfway up Short Street, and back to the Isle of Gods.

River carriage

The River carriage goes counter-clockwise around the river, stopping by every bridge (except the ones on Salis St.) and both ferry stops (south of the river on the west side, and north of the river on the east side).

Guilds carriage

The Guilds carriage goes from the Guild of Assassins, to the Temple of Small Gods, to Hat's temple, to the Weapon Masters' Court, to the Ankh-Morpork Palace Guard, to Gennie Applebottom's cottage, to the Thieves Guild, and back to the Assassins' Guild.

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