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The Card Album is a little book for storing all of your Creator Collector Cards. It can be bought from the T-shop.

This is a thick book made of sturdy cardboard.  The only thing differentiating it from a standard book is the lack of proper pages, instead it seems to contain thick sheets of waxed paper with small windows cut into them, ideal for storing small, flat objects.  The front of the album also holds a small index, allowing its contents to be listed.
It holds five pages and is currently closed.
The card album is about nine inches long and about six inches wide.  It is made of cardboard.


Card albums come with 5 pages, which hold 6 cards each and additional pages can be added. Extra pages for the card album can be bought for AM$5 in a stall near the western Ankh-Morpork docks: Medium Album Sheet Kefka's item database

You can put your cards in the album to store them. There is also an index in the front of the album that you can list.

Page one:
    - Arienne   (plain and somewhat faded gold and wrinkled)
    - Arienne   (plain and somewhat faded gold and wrinkled)
    - Aquilo   (plain and somewhat faded gold and wrinkled)
    - Anni   (plain crispy burnt black)
    - Alala   (plain crispy burnt black)
    - Acantha   (plain crispy burnt black)
You list the index of the card album.

Listing the cards will not show any colour variations for your cards but you can look at each individual card with Look card (number) in album.