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CTF Arena by Kefka

Capture the flag is a game within the mud that can be played as if everyone were playerkillers with borrowed equipment without losing anything upon death.

It is played in the ruins of the Beezing Monastery in the Circle sea area, south of Ankh-Morpork.

To see the equipment available during CTF, see Capture the flag racks.

Outside the arena

The ruins consist of six rooms, arranged in the following manner:

2-3>6    \ Northwest-southeast exit
 \ \     - East-west exit
  1 4>5  > Up-Down exit

The overgrown moat

(1) The entry room, it is possible to fly/portal/passage into this room (and walk out) but not any of the other rooms.

William Oliphaunt VI, esq. is there and can be flown to (william). He's an assassin from Raven house who's being rather miserable while trying not to sell his not too fresh fruit.

The castle ruins

(2) This rooms is where you can create and disband teams and invite other players into your team. It is also here that you can create teams, add players to teams, and strike the gong to specify the length of the match.

The mystical castle ruins

(3) This is where you enter your team's base which is through an exit with the same name as your team. The spectator gallery is up from here.

You can list the racks and their contents here, and you also browse specific items.

There is also a sundial here that shows how much time is left in the current game.

The sanctuary

(4) This is where you end up when you exit the game. It is a safe zone.

The belfry

(5) This is where you can leave pets and bats so that they'll be safe and stay well-fed, and not lost while you're in the arena. It is also a safe zone.

The spectator gallery

(6) This is where you can watch the game. From here, you have access to the ctf channel, can see things happening in the courtyard, and can check the score. Daun Peaches is here, and announces various things.

You can also toss fruit at people playing the game from here.

This is a safe room, like the sanctuary and belfry.

Entering the arena and equipment

You cannot take any of your equipment inside the arena. You also cannot enter the arena with npcs such as fruitbats and pets following you, leave them in the belfry with Quasimodo.

Any staff stored through a star sapphire ring bound by Crondor's Marvellous Sequestration will be lost inside the arena should you die inside it. To prevent this, always retrieve the staff before entering the arena.

You can get to your team base by entering the exit named for your team in the mystical castle ruins where the sundial is. At this point all your items and your defensive shields are removed.

Your defensive arcane shields are removed when entering the arena and restored when leaving it. Any floaters around you when entering CTF should now (as of August 19th 2010) be removed when entering and returned when you leave CTF, thanks to Turvity.

However, a bug when disbanding teams can cause your defensive shields to be removed outside the arena without entering and thus without being restored. Floaters should drop in the room you are in but might disappear after the game. It is more prudent to remove your floater when joining teams if you do not want to risk losing it.

Once in your team's base someone has to select the racks that the team will use in addition to the universal rack which is always available.

You can select all the weapons racks before play begins and up to 2 limited racks, but only before play begins. When there are too many racks in the base you have to specify the specific rack to take items from, or use "weapon racks" and "racks except weapon racks".

Once selected, the team will be able to get unlimited amounts of those items (up to 20 items at a time) but no items from the other racks will be available from your team's base. You may be able to obtain items brought from the other teams' bases during play though if the items are brought in the arena.

See Capture the flag racks to see the racks and the equipment inside them.

The arena

While inside the arena, instead of dying when you run out of hp you will instead be transported back to your base and be paralyzed for a short period. Team mates can "get" you ("get humans" works for all team mates) to remove the paralysis instead of waiting it out.

Team bases

Team bases are only accessible by members of that team. Before the game begins, you can select racks there. You can also ring the bell to signal your readiness. The game starts after every team has rung their bell, or after 5 minutes, whichever comes first.

At any time in here, you can:

  • Get equipment from the racks,
  • Consecrate things,
  • Request a corpse (which arrives without equipment)
  • Leave the arena, ending your part in the ctf game.

Exiting the game removes you from the game and you cannot re-enter. However, the game is not ended unless there would only be one team left in the arena.


There are several commands available here.

  • "ctf <message>" lets you chat on the special ctf channel (accessible by all teams and people in the spectator gallery). You can emote on it with "ctf: <message>". Finally, "hctf" gives you the channel history.
  • "flag" tells you where the flag is.
  • "get", apart from its normal use, lets you get a paralysed team member from the team base.
  • "hoist flag" while at the flagpole lets you hoist the flag, and causes a new flag to be dropped somewhere in the arena.
  • "scores" tells you the scores.
  • "timecheck" tells you how much time is left.


        |   +               
        *+* *     *         
        |   |      \        
      *+*   *       *    ~^ 
        +   +      /~     | 
    *   *-*-*-v   * *-^  ~^ 
     + /  |x|x|   |\|       
      *   *-F-*   * *       
     /            |\|       
  *+*             * *       
   / +              |       
  *   *             *       
  +                +        
  *-*           *-*+*       
  |x|           |x|         
  *-* v         *-*         

See also Kefka's ctf map. Also here.


At the end of the game, each team is awarded points and a winner is declared. The points are awarded as follows:

Event Point change Comment
Solo kills +6
Group kills +2 Once per kill for each team that had one or more members credited.
Team member kills -12 Once per kill credited to members of their own team.
Flag hoists +12
Dying 0

The team scores is the sum of the points gained for each events during the game.

Examples: (with team Ace, team Babel and team Cor)

  • A player from team Cor kills by himself a member of team Ace.
Team Cor gains 6 points.
  • Two players from team Ace and one player from team Babel kill a player of team Cor.
Team Ace gains 2 points.
Team Babel gains 2 points.
  • A player of team Cor kills himself.
Team Cor loses 12 points.
  • A player of team Cor and a player of team Ace kill a player of team Cor.
Team Ace gains 2 points.
Team Cor loses 12 points. (Needs testing)
  • A player of team Babel hoists the flag.
Team Babel gains 12 points.

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