Capes and cloaks for quilting blocks

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This is the list of capes and cloaks that can be torn up for quilting blocks. The expanded, combined list of all clothes collected so far can be found at List of quilting block clothes.

Clothing Item[1] Number of Blocks[2] Material Short Description[3] Expanded Description[4]
Beige linen cloak  ?  ?  ?  ?
Black hooded cloak 13 Silk Black Black
Black silk cape 3 Silk Black Black
Black silk cloak 6 Silk Black Black
Black silk desert cloak 11 Silk Black Black
Black velvet cape 3 Velvet Black Black
Bright red cloak 6 Cotton Bright red Bright red cotton with random glitter patterns
Bullfighter's cape 3 Cotton Red Red
Dark blue silk desert cloak 11 Silk Dark blue Dark blue
Dark grey cloak 5 Silk Dark grey Dark grey
Full black velvet cloak with dark red silk lining 6 Velvet Black Black
Grey travelling cloak 12 Linen Grey Grey
Hooded snow-silk cloak 11 Silk Snow white Snow white
Khaki travelling cloak 11 Cotton Khaki Khaki
Long black velvet cloak 6 Velvet Black Black
Rose-coloured silk desert cloak 11 Silk Rose Rose
Sapphire satin cloak 6 Satin Sapphire Sapphire
Silver-blue silk cloak 6 Silk Silver-blue Silver-blue
Soft red velvet cloak 13 Velvet Red Red velvet spangled with runes of golden sequins
Thin black lace cloak 6 Lace Black Black lace with woven broomsticks and pointed hats
Twilight-coloured silk desert cloak 11 Silk Twilight Twilight
White silk desert cloak 11 Silk White White


  1. See Kefka's Item Database for details where to find items
  2. Exact number of blocks can vary somewhat, according to damage and possibly some other factor. Number should be what you usually get from a fully-mended item.
  3. Color seen in inventory
  4. Color seen when block or applique examined