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Bubblebath comes in bottles, and you can "pour bubblebath from <object>" when in a bath or in a water room. A bottle seems to have enough bubblebath to pour from it ten times.


Pouring out bubblebath gives the room a description line along the lines of, "The area is filled with <colour> coloured bubbles, floating everywhere.". It will also cause periodic chats that look like, "The gentle fragrance of <scent> floats through the air as some of the <colour> bubbles pop.", and while there are bubbles you can "pop bubbles".

You can pour out multiple types of bubblebath in the same room. This causes the description line to list all the types of bubbles there are, like so:

The area is filled with white, inky black and pearly white coloured bubbles, floating everywhere.

There will also be chats from all the types of bubbles, and they will last longer, with the duration stacking. All of the bubbles in the room will disappear at once, even if they were poured at different times.

The duration also stacks if you pour the same type multiple times.


Bubblebath can be bought for &&&&&&&&&&&+1600 A$4 from the bath attendant in the Guild of Assassins (even by non-Assassins), for &&&&&&&&&&&+2500 A$6.25 from a shop in the Pishe Waterpark, or for &&&&&&&&&&&+2499 LC 1|5|4 1/4 from the Creel Springs bathing shop.

All of these have a random selection, but each sells a different subset.


There are several varieties of bubblebath, which cause different coloured bubbles, and which have different scents when the bubbles pop.

Scent Locations Colour of bubbles
almond blossom bath attendant white
banana daiquiri Creel Springs shop bananananananananaananananananananaanananananananana and rum
black tulip bath attendant inky black
blueberry Creel Springs shop blue
chocolate Pishe Waterpark shop dark brown
cinnamon apple Creel Springs shop green and pale brown
coconut Pishe Waterpark shop frothy white
deadly nightshade bath attendant violet
grape Pishe Waterpark shop bright purple
lavender Creel Springs shop light purple
lemon Pishe Waterpark shop bright yellow
lily of the valley bath attendant pearly white
lime Pishe Waterpark shop bright green
liquorice Pishe Waterpark shop shiny black
midnight surprise bath attendant indigo
orange Pishe Waterpark shop bright orange
peaches and cream Creel Springs shop pale orange and creamy white
rose Pishe Waterpark shop pale pink
strawberry bath attendant and Creel Springs shop red
strawberry daiquiri Creel Springs shop strawberry and rum
tangy raspberry Pishe Waterpark shop bright red
vanilla Creel Springs shop pale white
violet Pishe Waterpark shop dark blue