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Brittnee makes custom t-shirts in her shop off Savannah Road in Genua.

Warning: While you can get a message on these shirts, they do not appear in the short description of the shirt. Only in the main description.



cashmere, corduroy, flannel, cotton, velvet, linen, satin, lace, felt, silk, wool


bright yellow            dark red              blue                  jade                 purple
bright orange            light yellow          bone                  khaki                red
bright purple            light orange          brown                 lavender             scarlet
bright white             light purple          cerise                lemon yellow         sea green
bright green             light green           cerulean              lime green           sienna
bright blue              light brown           chartreuse            magenta              tan
bright pink              light pink            cream                 maroon               teal
bright red               light grey            crimson               midnight blue        turquoise
dark yellow              light blue            cyan                  navy blue            vermillion
dark orange              light red             emerald green         off-white            violet
dark purple              apricot               forest green          olive green          white
dark brown               aquamarine            fuchsia               orange               yellow
dark blue                azure                 green                 peach
dark green               beige                 grey                  pink
dark pink                black                 indigo                plum
dark grey                blood red             ivory                 puce 

Style of Neckline

square-neck, scoop-neck, round-neck, sweetheart, jewel-neck and v-neck

Colour of Writing

orange, purple, yellow, white, green, black, brown, pink, blue, grey and red


Must keep message to 80 characters. Trying to leave the field blank (putting in ** without any other character and saving) will cancel the whole order.


An example:

This pink round-neck t-shirt is made from cotton and clings tightly to the body.  "Igor ith my Hero." is written on the front in large black letters.  A tiny tag is attached to the back of the neck.
It appears to have something written on it.

You read the pink cotton t-shirt:
Written in small writing on a tiny tag:
Brittnee's Message Tees.
Savannah Road, Genua.