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Command information
GP Cost 15gp per bottle
Learnt At 11 in magic.methods.physical.brewing
Skills Used magic.methods.physical.brewing
Items Needed Unbrewed potion
Guild Witches' Guild

Brew is a witch-only command; anyone can make teas, but only a witch can do it Properly. It is automagically learned at 11 levels of magic.methods.physical.brewing. Brew costs 15 gp per container of tea and requires a heat source such as a fire or stove.

Brew is used to create most potions. The only potions that do not benefit from brewing are focus tea and breath freshener.


brew [contents of] <object> over <heat source>


You put <vessel> [on|over] <heat source> to brew.
You wave your hands over <vessel> and mumble under your breath to impress anyone watching.
You check on <vessel> carefully, without letting it know you're watching.
<vessel> finishes brewing.

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