Breathe Underwater

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Breathe Underwater
Ritual information
Deities Fish
Granted to followers of Fish
GP cost 20
Components none
Required powers Movement
Learned At 25 in faith.rituals.misc
Skills faith.rituals.misc.self/
Resisted By No
Angers? No
Type Miscellaneous
Steps 2
Targets others, self
Description Target breathes underwater.
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help

Breathe Underwater is a priest ritual that blesses the target with divine gills which allow them to breathe while under the water. The gills only last while the target is actually in the water.


Performing this ritual will bless the target with divine gills, enabling you to function underwater as if on land, even to the extent of being able to perform rituals.


The duration varies based on bonus.

You can stack this ritual to prolong the duration.

It ends if you leave water.



You kneel in prayer.
You form your arms into the shape of the Holy Fish.


You feel a tingling sensation around your neck as you grow gills.

Upon performing the ritual again:

Your neck tingles as your gills are strengthened.  You sense that you will be able to make use of them for a few minutes at least.
Your neck tingles as your gills are strengthened.  They feel natural to you and you sense you have the use of them for quite a while.


You sense that Fish's attention is elsewhere.

What the target sees

What others see

Wearing off

You feel a very faint twitch from your gills.
You feel a few brief twitches from your gills.
Your gills are feeling a little weak, as if they won't last much longer.

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