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Bois map by Airk & Kefka updated for Quow's Cow Bar


Bois is a village near Uberwald and Genua, along the Vieux River. It's possible to access Bois by arcane methods and by riding the Vieux River Road carriage. Bois is connected to Genua by the carriage and a ferry. Surrounding Bois is a forest and a small body of water. The language spoken in Bois is Morporkian, although with a Genuan accent, and the currency used is the Genuan livre.


The Ferry

The Saucy Catfish travels to and from Genua and can by found by walking east along the dock. The NPC there will not let those without a visa embark on the ferry.

One can either purchase a visa for a few livres, or stow in a crate when the Saucy Catfish is docked.

Crime and Punishment

There is no law enforcement in Bois. Stealing here has no effect on your reputation in Genua.

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