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Bulletin boards can be accessed from within the game, or on the website (if you are logged in).

  • There is a limit to how often you can make posts from the website.
  • To post on the boards from the website you need to be active enough. If not, you can post from in game or spend more time on the mud first!

How to use in-game

  • Type 'look board' to see what messages are on there.
  • You can type 'read [number of message]' to see what a person has written.
  • Type 'help board' to learn more.

List of boards

All the following boards are available on the mud website, though for some boards you need to gain access to them or else you don't see them.

Unless otherwise noted, everyone can post on these boards if they can see them. Some boards like the pk and council boards are restricted, those are noted below.

  • Announcements - available in game with the news command. Only creators post announcements. Recent Developments are almost always used instead.
  • Frog - can be found in pubs all over the Disc, including most of the ones that new players start in should they choose that area.
  • Fluff
  • Flame
  • Equality
  • Role-playing
  • Philosophers - available if you are a member of the Philosophers Society (this involves a quest)
  • Player killers - everyone can read it, but only playerkillers can post.
  • Never wending story
  • Alt.fan.pratchett

The fluff, flame, equality, role-playing, player killers, never wending story and alt.fan.pratchett boards are available in each service areas.


The various guild boards can be found at the various guilds' locations.


The clubs that have club housing with a board get a specific board that only members can see and use, for example for club Trade:

  • Club trade

There is a general board about newspapers.

  • Newspaper - available in game in the two newspaper offices.

There are also specific newspaper boards. When you are hired by a newspaper you can see the board for that newspaper, and you lose access when you are fired.

There's also a newbie helper board, only visible to newbiehelpers.

  • Newbiehelper - available in the Palace in Djelibeybi


Boards that are visible to everyone but posting is restricted:

  • announcements - creators only
  • player killers - only playerkillers can post
  • council boards - only citizens of Ankh-Morpork or Djelibeybi can post on their respective council boards

You do not even see the following boards if you are not a member:

  • Philosophers Society
  • clubs
  • magistrate
  • newspaper staff
  • newbie helper

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