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A blorple is an item with a location imprinted into it for use with Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel.

A blorple can either be a stone or an item of jewellery.

Blorple types

Blorples created from rocks by Amazing Silicate Blorpler are single use only, that is the blorple will disappear upon Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel being cast on it. However a larger rock, for instance a cobble can be blorpled with higher skills and then pebbles chipped from it, creating multiple blorples from a single cast of the spell.

Items of jewellery can also be converted into blorples by using Al'Hrahaz's Scintillating Blorpler. These are permanent, though the item will gradually degrade with use until it disappears if not fixed. The speed of degradation depends on the quality of the jewellery used, for instance a brass ring may disappear after a single cast, whereas a diamond ring will last considerably longer before it needs to be repaired.

The most common piece of jewellery used for blorples is a gold ring, as it lasts a reasonable amount of time without costing too much to buy. Slightly more expensive, but much more durable is the Rose Rhodonite Ring.research


The location imprinted into a blorple can be found out with the spells Worstler's Elementary Mineralogical Glance (for rocks) and Worstler's Advanced Metallurgical Glance (for jewellery). Since it is only practical for wizards to use these spells, blorples sold in player shops are usually labelled or engraved with their location.

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