Black piano (Assassins Guild)

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Black piano (Assassins Guild)
Musical instruments Information
Type Keyboard
Tuneable No
Mallet No
To play, must be... On ground
Size unknown
Weight unknown
Material unknown
Other None


This black, upright piano was purchased by the Guild at the Kompt's request and is now used to demonstrate the finer points of music to students. A piano stool sits in front of it.

Where Found

Public Area


  • None


  • None



Bonus Range Message
194 You play a few incorrect scales on the piano.
194-202 You play a few scales on the piano.
194-276 You play a simple waltz on the piano.
257-273 A sad yet beautiful melody comes from the piano as you skilfully move your fingers across the keys.


Bonus Range Message
194 You serenade <target> with a few painful notes on a black piano, he does not look impressed.
194-202 You play an uninspired melody for <target> on a black piano.
194-202 You serenade <target> with a flat and boring tune on a black piano.
194-276 You timidly play a simple yet pretty melody on a black piano for <target>.
202 You skilfully serenade <target> with a romantic tune on a black piano.


Bonus Range Message
194-202 You play a chaotic solo on a black piano.
194 You perform an annoyingly loud solo on a black piano.
202 You play a simple solo on a black piano.
202-276 You perform a rather uninspired solo on a black piano.

Other Information