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Bes Pelargic

Bes Pelargic is a city that consists of seven districts.

The Pearl River runs through the city, with three districts to the north, three to the south, and the seventh, the Red Triangle, to the southeastern portion of Bad Poo-Ning.

The districts to the north of the river from west to east are Shoo-Li, Sum Bing and the Imperial district.

The districts to the south of the river are Hong Fa, Pong Ping and Bad Poo-Ning.

Bad Poo-Ning is located across the river from the Imperial district, Sum Bing is located across the river from Pong Ping and Shoo-Li, and Hong Fa is located on the western end of the river.

If you start your adventures on the Disc as a new character in Bes Pelargic, you'll most likely arrive in the Bar on Rhinu Road in Bad-Poo-Ning. On the other hand, if you have asked to be transported either by magical or religious aid, you will find yourself on Tuna Walk. However, you can ask for any particular location if you so desire.

North of the Pearl River

As mentioned Above, The districts North of the river from west to east are Shoo-Li, Sum Bing and the Imperial District.


Yet to be mapped in written form.

Sum Bing

Yet to be mapped in written form.

The Imperial District

Yet to be mapped in written form.

South of the Pearl River

The districts south of the river is Hong Fa, Pong Ping and Bad Poo-Ning with the Red Triangle in the southeastern part of Bad Poo-Ning.

Hong Fa

Yet to be mapped in written form.

Pong Ping

Yet to be mapped in written form.

Bad Poo-Ning

Yet to be mapped in written form.

The Red Triangle

The Red Triangle is a small part of Bad Poo-Ning which includes the eastern end of Tuna Walk, Lovers Lane, Ricecake Alley, Clipper Street, Oyster Way, and the southern end of Long Street.

The eastern of the two breakwaters protecting Tuna Bay, the two easternmost piers on Tuna Walk and the pier overrun with Sampans on Lovers Lane are also part of The Red Triangle.

Other things of interest include the Sailors Bounty bar on Tuna Walk, the Brothel and the agatean underwear shop on Lovers Lane, the food Sampan and the tattoo Sampan on the pier from Lovers Lane, the Medina (the Agatean equivalent of the Morporkian Shades) exiting on Lovers lane and Ricecake alley, the Smugglers' Guild in the northern end of Ricecake alley, the general, chopstick and fish store on Clipper Street and the Shoe, Bonsai and Misc shop on Oyster way.

There is also a player shop where Lovers Lane meets Long Street and a smithy where you can fix metal items one west from this spot.

Eastern end of Tuna Walk

The Southwestern edge of the Red Triangle is formed by the eastern end of Tuna walk. There are two piers going south from this end of Tuna Walk.

At the spot where Tuna Walk meets Ricecake alley (3 east from the most common blorp spot on Tuna Walk), you can go north into the Ricecake alley, the direction you'll need to go to get to the smugglers guild and to get to Hook Street, the northern end of Lovers Lane, Clipper Street, Oyster way. You can also go up onto the eastern breakwater protecting Tuna Bay or continue one east along Tuna Walk to get to the entrance of the bar named the Sailors Bounty or three east to the southern end of Lovers Lane.

Lovers Lane

Lovers Lane is connected with Tuna Walk in the southwestern end of the lane, one northeast of here and you'll find yourself outside an Agatean Brothel, another step northeast and you'll have the Medina (the Agatean version of the Shades in Ankh-Morpork) on your left and an Agatean underwear shop on your right.

Warning, the Medina is a dangerous zone, so do not enter it if you value your life. It is filled with very tough npcs who travel in groups and will attack unprovoked. Also, the exits with the Medina are confusing, making it difficult to escape easily. Those who are killed by npcs here will find their money taken; however, their corpse will be dragged out of the Medina.

One more north and you'll notice a southeast exit on your right that takes you to the pier with all the Sampan's. Two more steps north from here and you'll find a player shop on your right, the start of Long Street ahead of you and Lovers Lane will continue to your left and behind you. One step west from here and you'll see a smithy on your left and Ricecake Alley next to the entrance of the Smugglers' Guild to your right, northwest of you, Lovers Lane continues one more step west where you'll find Ricecake Alley north and west of you.

Ricecake Alley

Ricecake Alley starts on Tuna Walk, two north from Tuna you'll see an exit east of you and one west of you. The exit east takes you to the alley behind the Sailors Bounty, which often has auto-attacking NPCs. The west exit takes you into a house that has just been mugged, Which also often plays host to auto-attacking NPCs.

Continue one north and you'll find an exit to your northwest going to Hook Street and leaving the Red Triangle and one to your northwest continuing down the alley.

Taking the northeastern exit going twice northeast you'll find an entrance to the Medina southeast of you. Once again, do not enter the Medina, as it will cause your death. It's as bad as the Shades.

The other exits from this room is southwest, northeast and east of you. The east exit is to the northern end of Lovers Lane while northeast is the continuation of Ricecake Alley. Continuing, you'll find yourself outside the Smugglers' Guild located east of you. South and southeast of you is the Lovers Lane and north of you continues Ricecake Alley. Going north you'll find the entrance to Clipper Street southwest of you and Oyster Way southeast of you while the north exit takes you to a small lawn that marks the northern tip of the Red Triangle.

Oyster Way and Clipper Street

Oyster Way and Clipper Street are both one room streets but both are surrounded by several shops. Northwest of Clipper Street is the general store. The southeastern and southwestern shop of the two roads from west to east is the Chopstick shop, the fish shop, the shoe shop and the Bonsai shop. Northeast on Oyster Way is also a shop selling miscellaneous items.

The Piers

There are three piers inside this area, two going south from Tuna Walk and one going southeast from Lovers Lane.

(Information about the piers from Tuna Walk is lacking. If anyone has the breathe underwater ritual or for some other reason is willing to take the chance to climb down under them to investigate further, please report your findings here as long as you do not include quest solutions.)

The pier going from Lovers Lane leads to various sampans. The first sampan you meet on the pier is a player shop that you can enter. West from it, you'll find yourself on a sampan where the north exit is a player house(boat), while the southwest exit is to a sampan where you can get yourself a tattoo. East from the first sampan is more or less a mirror image except the southeast exit goes to a sampan where you can be served food and drink instead of being tattooed like in the western sampan.

The Medina

For the third time, this place is deadly, I repeat, DEADLY. You will most likely be killed upon entry.

It is filled with very tough npcs who travel in groups and will attack unprovoked. Also, the exits with the Medina are confusing, making it difficult to escape easily. Those who are killed by npcs here will find their money taken; however, their corpse will be dragged out of the Medina.

The entrances to the Medina are marked with a bright red danger pictogram on the sides of the buildings next to it.

Red Triangle exits

To leave the Red Triangle you need to either follow Tuna Walk westwards or Hook Street northwest from Ricecake Alley, these routes will take you to the Fish Market, you can also take Long Street northwards. In all these cases you'll find yourself in Bad Poo-Ning.

The rest of Bad Poo-Ning

Pending mapping.

Western end of Tuna Walk

The western end of Tuna Walk, just west of the public fishing area of Tuna Walk, is known for being remarkably unremarkable. As if to make up for that, just before Tuna Walk's western end there are a few points of interest; As it heads west from its commercial area, Tuna Walk crosses the southern part fish market, in which stalls sell fish or fishing equipment. A little further west, in the public fishing area of Tuna Walk, are located the Harbourside Fishing Supplies (which surprisingly sells fishing supplies) and the Lobster Pot, the Shi family restaurant. In the cellar of the Lobster Pot there is a hidden entrance to Tuna Walk's Underdocks.

Tuna Walk Underdocks

The Tuna Walk Underdocks is a hidden location with two hidden entrances: through a hidden, dimly lit passage in of the northern corner of the fish markets or through the eastern wall of the restaurant cellar in Lobster Pot. surprisingly, there are no obvious interest points in the area.

Hook Street

Pending mapping.

The Fish Market

Pending mapping.

Divine Flowers

Pending mapping.

The Black Market

Pending mapping.

Serpentine Way

Pending mapping.

Blue Birds

Pending mapping.

Joy Luck

Pending mapping.

Long Street

Pending mapping.

Ming Lane

Pending mapping.

Avenue of Emperors

Pending mapping.

Azure Promenade

Pending mapping.

Pearwood Way

Pending mapping.

Beach Way

Pending mapping.

Anchor Street

Anchor Street is a very short street that runs north-south. The northern end intersects with Azure Promenade. The southern end intersects with Long Street. There are two player houses located on this street.

Cat's Tail

Pending mapping.

Willow Avenue

Pending mapping.

Tuna Bay Breakwaves and Piers, west side

Pending mapping.

Exits from Bad Poo-Ning

Pending mapping.

Exits to the Red Triangle

Pending mapping.

Exits to the the Imperial District

Pending mapping.

Exits to Pong Ping

Pending mapping.