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"Beer helmet" is a misnomer; this isn't in fact a helmet, but rather a tough black headband with half-pint glass bottles strapped firmly to each side.  An opaque forked straw connects the base of each bottle to the wearer's mouth, with a simple twist valve for twisting the flow up or down.

It is a wearable liquid container that allows you to automatically drink the liquid that was put inside approximately every minute.


When worn, filled and with the valve twisted open, this allows you to automatically drink some amount of the liquid inside it every minute.

Unfortunately, it can still be smashed when you drink (automatically) in combat.

Some skill is used to prevent the container being smashed.

Some interesting liquids you can use:


twist [valve on] <beer helmet> {up|down} by <number>
twist [valve on] <beer helmet> {up|down}          

From closed you can step up by 1 to have a teaspoon trickle and 11 to have an ounce trickle.


The capacity is a pint or 2400 drops.

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