Ball of congealed sap

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Ball of congealed sap
Spell component Information
Precise dimensions No information
Material No information
Weight 3/9
Stacks no
Used in Chrenedict's Corporeal Covering (consumed)

Long Description

This is a ball of unrefined congealed sap, probably from some exotic tree in Agatea. It's quite glutinous and sticky.


It is used as a consumed component for Chrenedict's Corporeal Covering.


Trees on Green Way (No-Gen only where it meets), Azure Promenade, Tree Snake Avenue, Bes Pelargic. Cedar trees in Ephebe can be lanced for sap.

You can see some sap dribbling from its bark, just waiting to be squeezed out.
>> squeeze maple tree
You squeeze the Agatean maple tree gently and lovingly, gazing at it happily as it drops a sticky ball of goodness to the ground.
> >> palm sap
You palm one of the balls of congealed sap from Green Way east of a large junction.

Several sap-producing trees are present in Ephebe, including: Antithesis Lane (halfway), Paradox Lane (halfway), Rational Street (north), and the western side of the Southern Gardens (5 trees).

You can also buy them: [1]