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Bad Ass is located northeast of Mad Stoat. While Bas Ass and Slippery Hollow share a common access road, the path branches before it reaches the former; and, ultimately, Slippery Hollow is off to the east. Beyond Bad Ass, going northeast, there is A Rock and A Hard Place. Over the ridgelines, somewhere to the north, is Brass Neck, though the road to it lies south of Bad Ass.

Language and currency

The language in Bad Ass is Morporkian (with an Lancrastian accent). The local currency is Lancre money.


The short main road runs southwest to northeast through the village. Granny Weatherwax's cottage can be reached from the SW end, while a smaller road branches off northwards from the middle into a small collection of houses.


Bad Ass is serviced by the Lancre Kingdom carriage and the Mail carriage.


All property in the Ramtops is handled from the real estate stall in the Lancre Town square.

Player housing

A single player house is available.

Features of Bad Ass

  • Mail services are found in general store at the southwest end of town.
  • Smithies and repair locations include:
    • Blacksmith - smithy for fixing metal things (not jewellery) in the northern end of the village.
  • Component herbs and other plants/foods to be gathered:
  • Fleece bought from Mrs. Shepston (see below) can be spun at the wheel in her house to make wool (if one has sufficient skill).


Custom Shops

  • Flossette Crossweave, the village tailor, can embroider symbols onto items of clothing. Found at the Bad Ass Tailor.

Other Shops

  • Bad Ass Bakery sells various cakes, breads and rolls.
  • Bad Ass General Traders (NPC: Martha Headlock) is a general store.
  • The Bad Ass Tailor (NPC: Flossette Crossweave) sells various sewing and embroidery equipment, as well as backpacks and practical clothing.
  • The Bad Ass Utensil Store (NPC: Goodie Darncliff) has many basic utensils to stock your kitchen, or put to other use.
  • Mrs. Shepston sells fleeces from her house in the north of the village.


Bad Ass has no restaurants nor least none that the locals are sharing with the rest of the Disc.


Wandering Unique NPCs
  • Cern Smith
  • Gulta Smith
  • Jaims Smith
  • A white cat
General NPCs
  • Children
  • Farmer
  • Shepherd
  • Villager


Witches' Guild